Monday, December 22, 2014

A Sunday Drive

Yesterday I had an early start to the day. Waking before the sun arose I set out in a rental car for the drive to London. The roads were clear of traffic and it was a really easy drive. Spent the morning with  Mom trying to solve some iPad problems and then exchanged pressies with the rest of the family. We then made our way across town to the Mandarin for our annual holiday dinner. In the past we always ate at Harmony House downtown by the train station, but Mom wanted something different. The Mandarin is located in a strip mall on Wellington Street at the corner of Commissioners Road. The place is divided into lots of little dining areas designated by letters of the alphabet. Our room was divided from another by a wall of fish tanks with lots of goldfish and koi. The buffet is located in the centre of the restaurant and features all that one would expect from such places, lots of fried food and meat heavy dishes. One never really expects too much from such places, save stuffing yourself full of food. After I dropped Mom off at home and then made my way back onto the busier roads for the trip back to Toronto where I dropped off the rental car and made my way back home. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Shopping & Dinner


Gone Xmas shopping…
Yesterday, Mr.T and I picked up a rental car in the morning after our Saturday morning shopping in Kensington. We then made our way north to Highway 7, then headed west to Georgetown to Miller's Scottish Bakery to pick up some pies and scones for my Mom. We then made our way back downtown through throngs of traffic, finally arriving home tired and exhausted. Mr.D called to invite us out for dinner, so after catching the subway out east we drove with them to Double Sushi on the Danforth for a nice quiet dinner. We were able to catch up over a yummy meal with Mr.D, Mr.Z and Ms.E trading Christmasy gifts enjoying a nice holiday dinner with friends. 

Hello Winter

Friday, December 19, 2014

Queering Christmas


The 1964 Rankin and Bass Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (ironically made the year I was born) took the tale of Rudolph and gave it a queer edge. The story focuses on those who are different and how they are made to feel different from everyone else. 


Not only was Rudolph not allowed to play any reindeer games and made an outcast but it also featured an elf named Hermey who didn't want to make toys because he wanted to become...A Dentist?


On their journey together they discover the island of misfit toys, yet another place filled with outsiders, which for young queer kids became a symbol of safe places where you could be with others of your own kind. This combined with the message that everything needs to be loved or else it has no purpose makes it one of the queerest Christmas shows ever. 

Feast Day of St.Genet

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Railing

Before: cheesy 80s handrail.

One of the projects we have wanted to tackle for a long time is the handrail on the second floor. Like a lot of the 80s renos in the house the second floor handrail was a linear eyesore, but it was one of those projects that always was put aside. However, after tackling the drywalled ceiling in the furnace room we decided to use the Harbord Village Handyman and his crew to tackle the stair rail. As you can see they did a great job giving us a railing that matches the rail going to the main floor and that matches better the feel of the house. 

After: house appropriate handrail.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gender Games

via Some Like it Retro

A Slushy Winter Weekend

The view of the train tracks from the SkyBridge

As the temperatures rose this weekend the snow we received last week began to melt. All over the city piles of white snow were replaced with slushy, wet puddles filled with melting snow. On Saturday Mr.T had to work and so I spent the day at home making some yummy peanut butter cookies while vegging in front of the tv. For dinner we walked over to Rashnaa to have some much needed yummy Sri Lankan food. On a cold, wet night it was the perfect food to warm you up. 

On Sunday we needed to get out for a walk and made our way south to Queen Street and then east past the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower catching up with the PATH as it wound through the Convention Centre. From there we walked north through the PATH, which was really warm to Queen Street then made our way back home.