Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Good Fences make Good Neighbours

A year ago in August I went out back one morning and noticed that part of the fence that divided us from our neighbour to the south was bowed into her yard. At the time we didn't want to do anything about it, because we felt it wasn't our issue. Because we didn't deal with it for a host of reasons a year later our neighbour who felt it was our problem expected us to deal with it. 



Concrete to fill the hole under the mudroom

After putting everything on hold until the fall, so as to not destroy the garden on her side, we finally had it addressed this week over two days. Our local handyman came took away the bowed section of fence, discovering that the fence post which had been put into the ground had actually snapped and was rotted in the ground. He replaced the post and the two sections of fence and sealed up a hole we found on one side under our mudroom with another post and some concrete to ensure we have no unwelcome critters. It is nice to finally have everything finished. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall, Finally

After weeks of warm weather this weekend fall finally arrived. It has been grey and cool, and yesterday after shopping at Kensington Market Mr.T and I checked out an open house in one of our favourite developments, 500 Richmond Street West. An older condo, we have seen a number of units in the building and keep coming back to it as a possible place to live. Built in the 1980s all of the units consist of two floors and have outdoor space. The one we saw yesterday was at the east end on the south side of the building.

After exploring the condo we walked along Adelaide Street to the Portland Winners and Loblaws before heading back to Kensington Market to pick up some bandanas. We then walked home, spending the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the backyard and trimming back some of the wisteria and pumpkins. Sadly, this year we only had one small pumpkin, most were eaten by squirrels. For dinner Tony went to pick up poke from our favourite poke place on Bloor Street, but sadly they were closed, so we opted instead for some sushi from Sushi on Bloor. 

Today was another grey day, and although it was warmer it promised to rain all day, indeed we had a real downpour in the afternoon, so I spent at home making a really yummy chocolate pie with a hazelnut crust. The perfect food for cooler fall days. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Gray Friday

Mr.T took another Friday off, so after a morning breakfast of French toast, using some leftover slices of baguette, we decided to walk over to the Winners at Yonge and College Street. From there we walked south to the Eaton Centre, where we checked out UNIGLO, and Old Navy before heading over to the AMC to catch an early movie. Sadly, the first of the new Blade Runner film was in 3D, that neither of us were interested in seeing. Looking online we discovered that the film was playing at the Rainbow/Imagine Cinemas on Front Street by the St.Lawrence Market just a little later. So we made our way there. The theatre is located in the basement of an old mall and while the screens were small and the place a little dated it was great to pay only $ 10.00 per person. 

Sadly, the film, for which I had high hopes was two and half hours of tedium. The director spent most of the time on long languid mood shots, I guess imagining he was recreating some of the original magic of Ridley Scott. Added to this was a really strange soundtrack, which again I think was scored to be reminiscent of Vangelis, but it was bombastic missing the nuance and beauty of the original film. The plot which could have been told in half the time really didn't warrant the time spent by the director, especially the pornographic elements that were just boring for anyone but teenage boys. The film also features Jared Leto, playing his usual odd characters without any belief or charm. In the end, Mr.T and I couldn't wait for the film to end. 

We then walked west to Spadina, stopping for an early dinner at Saigon Lotus. We then made our way back for a quiet night at home. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Harvest Time

The hot, summer-like weather we have been experiencing for the past couple of weeks finally came to an end yesterday. While it was cool today it wasn't raining so I decided to finish pulling up all the summer plants, tomatoes and green peppers and bagging the remnants. While we didn't do that well with roma tomatoes this year we did have lots of cherry tomatoes and peppers. Doing this allowed me to clean up all the garden stakes and tie them together for the winter that will come. At the same time I emptied and drained our fountain allowing it to dry out so I can bag it up for the winter. In the garden we still a crop of leeks that did very well this year, some celery, dill, and a green manure we planted mustard that will have to be turned over after the first frost. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


This morning I went to see my dentist about my chipped bridge. He wasn't as concerned as his colleague and decided the best thing to do was to keep an eye on it. Years ago when I had the bridge put in, I opted for a polymer material that was cheaper than a more expensive porcelain bridge, because I didn't have a lot of money at the time. As he explained the cheaper material means that over time it will experience more wear and tear than the more expensive porcelain. In the short term I am glad I won't have to replace it, but at some point in the future I have to replace it with a more durable and expensive bridge. 

After walking home, because it really turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, summer-like day I decided to make a mushroom, carrot, cashew & almond 'meatloaf' for dinner, accompanied by mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. A delayed Thanksgiving dinner for Tony and I.