Friday, September 22, 2017

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Today is the first day of Fall, following the last day of summer. While I missed most of the summer, spending my days shuttling between the hospital and my Mum's apartment it was nice this past week to have a little reprieve. We have had unseasonably warm, summer-like weather, but again I have been hit with some kind of general malaise and a persistent throat tickle that turned into an annoying cough. 
At first I thought I might have poisoned myself while spray painting a mirror frame we found in the garbage last week, but the cough has began to work its way down my throat to my lungs. Thinking about it I realized I have a history of these kind of attacks always in the first couple of weeks of September so maybe it is some form of an allergy to some unknown element. In the past this usually means it should be gone soon, but it has meant that I haven't really had a chance to get out and enjoy all the wonderful weather. My immune system is probably weak from trying to hold everything together this summer and just decided to remind me, I have to slow down. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Love It

Located in Philadelphia, this Outside-in-house, was designed by Interface Studio Architects. I love the lightness of the wood core surrounded by white. A clean, minimalist interior. via Leibal

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Saturday Walk

This morning after picking up our dry goods and veggies at Kensington Market Mr.T and I decided to head back down Spadina to check out the Home Sense. We then walked along Wellington Street to Front Street then climbed over the skybridge connecting the city to the Rogers Centre. There we stopped to explore the new Rec Room in the old Roundhouse beside the train museum. The place consisted of lots of old time machines and a few little restaurants but really wasn't that interesting to us. I guess it would appeal to a younger more hip crowd. 

We then walked down to Queen's Quay heading east along with lots of other people enjoying the beautiful sunny day. We walked to Sugar Beach before finally making it to the food truck festival at the Sherbourne Common located between the lake and Queen's Quay East. There were a few food trucks set in a couple of circles around the edge of the park. We tried some avocado fries that were really yummy and an ahi tuna taco from Buster's Sea Food. While it was nice to see the food trucks the offerings are always less creative than I would expect.

Love the hexagonal mirrors at EQ3

After eating we walked north on Sherbourne stopping to check out EQ3 on King Street before heading back west along Queen Street, completing a nice 11 kilometre circuit before heading back home. After resting for awhile we then caught the subway over to Mr.D and Mr.Z's. They invited us out for dinner and to see their newly completed deck. Their new deck was comprised of two levels one that led out from their back doors that stepped down to another level which surrounded their hot tub. The deck is a really nice addition to their backyard giving them not only a place to relax but also to entertain. 

For dinner they drove us up to our favourite AYCE place Tatami Sushi located in a shopping centre filled with a movie theatre and lots of stores. The food is always yummy and was the perfect meal after our long walk. It was nice to catch up with friends over delicious food. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Beautiful Sunday

This morning Mr.T and I decided to tackle some of fall harvest. First I made some zucchini muffins out of some left over zucchini. Then we took some of the tomatoes from our garden that were rips and prepared them for canning as passata. This year our tomato harvest is much smaller than it has been in the past and we only ended up with three jars of passata. Next Mr.T used a harvest of cucumbers to make himself three more jars of pickles. 

After all the work in the morning, we walked along Wellesley to Philosopher's Walk, then north to Bloor Street. We then walked east along Bloor to Parliament to check out the Cabbagetown Festival held between Wellesley and Gerard on Parliament. We arrived just at lunch time and had some really yummy Sri Lankan snacks, before exploring the entire street. Before leaving we stopped in at Rashnaa on Wellesley Street just east of Parliament for a couple their really delicious rotis. We then made our way home along Wellesley Street completing a 9 kilometre walk. 

Saturday, September 09, 2017

A Saturday Walk

This morning was a crisp and cool 9˚ when we made our way to Kensington Market for our dry goods and veggies for the week. After a quick sandwich at home we then decided to go fro a walk down the Home Sense and Winner's on Spadina before heading south on Spadina to Harbourfront. They were holding a vegetarian festival, with a lot of the veggie offerings located outside instead of inside the Harbourfront buildings. The day had warmed up enough to make it a really nice afternoon. There was a lot of offerings but most of it was stuff I have learned to make myself or vegan items that were over processed. The only thing that I was interested in was some corn fritters offered by a Vegan Thai restaurant. Although a small helping it was really yummy. After exploring the festival we made our way back home along Portland and Bathurst walking just over 9 kilometres. 

For dinner Mr.T and I decided to head back to King's Cafe in Kensington Market. While I was in London taking care of my Mum, I was craving yummy vegetarian food and was delighted to discover Zen Gardens on Dundas Street just east of Waterloo Street. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were part of a chain that included King's Cafe, a local vegetarian place and that they had a really yummy mushroom curry that I had never tried in Toronto. So craving the curry that's we had for dinner tonight.