Friday, July 29, 2016

Saying Goodbye

This morning the scooter people came to deliver another scooter that had an attachment on the back. Mr.T wanted something that could hold his crutches so he could use them at work, but the attachment on the newer scooter was just a hollow pipe and really wouldn't hold them well. 

I then met Ms.S at Auntie's & Uncle's so she could have breakfast. The place has been a favourite of Ms.S for years and while it is funky and laid back I never understand the fact that people will line up for food almost any day of the week. 

After lunch we caught an Uber car to Billy Bishop Airport so Ms.S could catch a flight to Newark where she was going to catch a train back to Philly ending her visit to TO. After saying goodbye I caught a streetcar to Union Station then caught the subway north to College Street so I could pick up a prescription from Shopper's Drug Mart. From there I walked home to make sure Mr.T was ok. 

For dinner I biked over to Curry Love, our current go to take away for Friday nights. Both Mr.T and I love the simplicity of their curries. He opts for the red beef curry on noodles, while I like their peanut tofu curry on roti. It really is the perfect meal, filling but not heavy. 

After dinner we met with our contractor Gus to talk about painting the trim on the front of the house. After all the brick work, the trim is stained with a lot of brick dust making it look really dingy. I wasn't sure if we could paint the aluminum trim around the windows but Gus said with new paint technologies it would be no problem. I am thinking a light grey would look nice against the brick but you never really know until you actually see it against the brick. He left us with a pantone so we could choose colours over the weekend. 

Manor Grey by Farrow & Ball
Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Catching Up

This morning Mr.T and I waited for delivery a motorized scooter so that he will be able to get from to work and back again. Last Friday he called his insurance provider to see what they would cover for him to get back and forth from work. Turns out they will not cover cab rides, but would pay for the rental of a electric scooter or wheelchair. So after looking online we found a place that would deliver to downtown Toronto so he could at least try it out for a month. 

For lunch Mr.J and Ms.R came over with some take out from Ghazale on Bloor Street. We ate outside under our sun sail until the sun shifted and it became just too hot to be comfortable. We then moved inside to chat a little before they left. It was nice to catch up with them since they are going to be heading back to Regina next week for the next year. 

After lunch Mr.T decided to test out his new scooter driving it along Harbord Street to Queen's Park making sure he was comfortable driving it on the sidewalk. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eaton' & Walkin'

Today I met up with Ms.S and Ms.K for a late breakfast at a trendy little diner on Queen just east of Ossington called Frankie's. The menu featured typical diner type foods with little attention to any form of allergies or special diets, but after Ms.S ordered an english muffin I ordered one too to have something in my belly. 

From there we walked east along Queen Street stopping in shops and having a look at stores carrying fun kitsch. We then walked north on Spadina so Ms.S could pick up some souvenir type things for friends back in Philly before heading over to Kensington for some yummy pineapple soft serve at Seven Lives. I then made my way back home so I could make dinner (quinoa and roasted red peppers and veggie sausages) for Mr.T. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Catching Up

Today I met with Ms.S at Insomnia for a late breakfast. She arrived in TO on Saturday night after a whirlwind trip across the continent stopping to see friends from coast to coast. It was nice to catch up after so much time. We then walked back to the house so she could say hi to Mr.T before Mr.T and I had to go to his doctor's for a note to allow him to order a scooter to increase his mobility. 

Before his surgery we were told by the doctor that Mr.T would have to be off his foot for three months a much longer period than we expected. Last week he was taking cabs into work, but doing that everyday would become really expensive and after calling his insurance company he discovered they would cover the cost of a scooter but not for cabs. So after looking online we found a company that would deliver a scooter and allow him to rent month to month to at least give him a little mobility and the ability to get from home to work and back again. 

After the doctors I met up with Ms.S and Ms.K at Green's Vegetarian on Denison and Dundas for a really nice dinner. They have an avocado salad filled with papaya, avocado, jicama, cashews, almonds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds that is just delicious and makes for a great summer meal. It was nice to sit and chat with friends over yummy food. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday Shopping

Yesterday after doing laundry and making my way to Kensington Market I biked up to Bloor Street to pick up some rolls for lunch. Sitting down for lunch it was nice to relax. Because Mr.T is still laid up with a cast on his leg after his surgery earlier this week I am taking care of everything around the house and I realize how much work each of actually does on a daily basis. 

After lunch I called Mr.D to see what they were up to today and to see if they wanted to head up to a Home Depot so I could pick up an outdoor storage box for the backyard. Later Mr.D and Mr.Z came over and we drove to the Home Depot at The Stockyards so I could pick up a box and so they could pick up materials to replace their eaves on their back deck. 

After dropping off the storage box at home we made our way back to their place to begin the process of removing some rotted beams on their porch roof in order to move the eaves and its downspout. Mr.D did most of the work removing the nails from the structure so that they could pull out the rotted boards. For dinner Mr.Z ordered in some pizza from Pizza Nova before they drove me back home where I was surprised to find that Mr.T had been able to put the box together. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Memento Mori

“  Coral memento mori owned by Louis de Hollande.
Coral Memento Mori 

The Last Day?

The brick guys have been here since Tuesday and hopefully today will be their last day. All this week they have worked from morning to early evening removing old bricks and replacing them with new bricks and then replacing some of the old mortar. Yesterday most of the bricks that were going to be replaced were finished and today they were coming back to finish a few details and to clean up some of the mortar. It is hard to see in the photographs but the bricks under the windows on the second floor and below the main window in the downstairs were really rough and now look a whole lot better. 
Once everything is cleaned we will need to repaint all the trim and decide on a colour for the door. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Brickwork Continues...

This morning another brick guy arrived to begin work on the front of the house. This is third person that has arrived to tackle this particular project. First we had our contractor, who we contacted well over a year ago who came to assess the project. Originally he had a brick guy who was going to come last summer, but that fell through. So we were excited when another guy came to look at the brick on behalf of our contractor and promised to come in awhile. That was more than a month ago and we were so pleased to see him arrive last week and actually begin the miserable job of stripping off the paint from the brick. We guessed that the brick underneath was not going to be great, why else would you paint it, and while it was not that bad the next step was for a bricklayer to come out, removing damaged bricks and replacing them with new and then removing any parging and pointing in-between. That work began this morning and will probably be finished on Friday. 

The yellow door with a selection of colour choices. 
Which would you suggest?
I am leaning towards a light grey. 

After that we will have to reapply caulking around the windows before we finally paint out the sills, the porch and the door and doorframe to give the house a presentable face.