Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Hot, Humid May Day

As per usual for Toronto, winter gave way to summer with out really a proper spring. The past week every day has been well over 20˚ with the temperature and humidity rising daily. Yesterday after yoga I decided to go for a bike ride down to Cherry Beach and on my way back riding up Parliament I stopped in at the Sultan of Samosas to pick up some veggie samosas for lunch. Riding back home was exhausting because of the heat and humidity and I found myself not wanting to go back out again. 

This morning after making our way to Kensington Mr.T and I decided to head up to the Dollarama on Bloor Street to pick up some tomato cages for the 4 cherry tomato plants we have in pots in the back yard. The cages will help keep the tomato plants from breaking off and moving around. In the garden we have the other tomato plants wrapped around twisty metal poles, also from the Dollarama, but these just don't work in the pots.

(Images: Caroline Aksich)
We then walked back through Kensington back to Seven Lives Paleteria so I could have their pineapple float. It consists of pineapple juice, pineapple soft serve, a maraschino cherry and a little umbrella and is the perfect vegan treat on a hot, humid day. We then walked down Spadina to Home Sense and then Winner's before heading back home because it was just to hot to be out and about. 

For dinner we decided to head down to College Street to try a new take away place called Curry Love. We had been watching as the place renovated what was a small greek place that never really opened before closing last year. The new place is located on the north side of the street between Borden and Brunswick. A small place with the cash located at the front and a service counter than runs down the length of one wall. The place has a simple, clean style with lots of cooking pots providing decoration on the wall behind the counter. 

Like a lot of other quick serve places you choose your base, a selection of rice or roti, then your protein, a choice of curries and then dress that with a selection of available toppings. It is a really good idea and I am hoping it will be quite popular because we were happy with everything that we ordered. I had a roti with shrimp, which while small were really tasty, the thick (peanut) curry with cilantro, basil, carrots and onions. Mr.T opted for some jasmine rice, beef, red curry and most of their toppings. Everything is placed in recyclable containers for take away because there is only one small counter that seats two at best for eating in situ. Because it is a soft opening they are still working out the kinks but I have to say the place has a nice atmosphere and really friendly service. I would love to see the carrots and cucumbers sliced more matchstick style and maybe some chopped peanuts and bean sprouts added to the available toppings. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Victoria/24 Day


Lovin' the technique and style.

A Wonderful Find

Yesterday was another beautiful day. In the morning Mr.T and I walked up to the Annex just a little east of St.George to pick up a really nice metal outdoor table base that we had spotted by the curb the night before. A large square 40" x 40" it took the two of us to carry it home. There was also a concrete top but that was too heavy for us to carry home, so we will have to find a new top for it that will weather well outside. 

We then decided to bike up to Loblaw's on Dupont to check out their garden centre. Then from there we biked to the Junction to check out the Home Depot and Rona looking for another planter for the railing out front. We needed something small, less than 15" and found a really nice white rounded planter that would fit perfectly on the railing on the front deck. We stopped for some hummus and a falafel at a falafel place, Habiba on St.Clair in the Stockyards. Located on the north side of the street the place features a few tables in front of a counter where everything is made. The decor shows little thought or attention to style or design and really is just a dressed up builder's shell. Behind the counter on a back wall is all the kitchen appliances placed too far from the counter meaning that the poor guy working behind the counter spent too much time and energy running back and forth between the counter and his kitchen area. The selection on the menu was pretty simple and once in the place I opted for some hummus while Mr.T had a falafel. Sadly, while the guy behind the counter tried his best to dress up the food everything was really a disappointment even for fast Middle-Eastern styled food. 

A Unique Light

Every Saturday evening Mr.T and I watch the Antiques Roadshow on PBS. While not as good as the British show which was more focused on stories than values, the American version is still an enjoyable watch discovering the stories behind the objects people bring to the show. This Saturday I found myself admiring a really beautiful mid-century pressed glass chandelier by Swedish designer Erik Holland. The chandelier consists of pressed glass squares in different colours all embossed with shapes from the zodiac in different colours. Although I have never really been enamoured of mid-century design, lets face it I grew up with in people's basements after they tired of it in the 1960s and 1970s this chandelier was so unique and oddly pretty I have been unable to get it out of my mind.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Love It

A Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday yard sale season began in our neighbourhood as the Harbord Village Resident's Association held their annual yard sale. After picking up our dry goods in Kensington Mr.T and I went for a walk up to Bloor Street where I found some nuts and bolts to help rehang the sun sail on the back deck. We then decided to head back to Kensington so I could try a pineapple soft serve at the newly opened Seven Lives Paleteria. After reading a review on BlogTO that stated that all their ice cream desserts were dairy-free I was excited to try it and it was delicious. 
Seven Lives Paleteria
Mr.T and I then walked down Spadina checking out Home Sense and Winner's ending up down by the music garden looking out onto Lake Ontario. We sat for awhile soaking up some of the sunshine then made our way back home. For dinner Mr.T picked up some burritos from Big Fat Burrito because I love their sweet potato burrito which is a nice meal on a warm day. Unlike burritos from other places it isn't too big and too heavy a meal. 

Sustainable Modular Housing

These sustainably designed modular houses by Dutch architect Juryman Knijtijzer at Finch Buildings can be used separately or built together. Each module is a basic 13 by 13 foot box that uses sustainable timber. 
via Curbed

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Beautiful Friday

Mainly sunny skies in the forecast for your Friday with a high of 22 C.
Friday began with a lovely morning that continued all day. The sun was shining and the temperature continued to rise throughout the day. After yoga Mr.T and I walked over to Best Buy to spend some rewards points he had received. Then we went to Green's Vegetarian for a lunch because Mr.T was craving their avocado salad. Making our way home we then decided to bike over to Fiesta Gardens to pick up some potato vines and impatients to add a little colour and green to the planters in the front.

Later we walked over to Canadian Tire looking for a way to remount the sun sail we have hanging over the back deck. The sail which I bought last year from Lee Valley is a giant triangle and while it works as a sun shade the area I want shaded sadly doesn't get a lot of shade. With a little playing around with it yesterday Mr.T and I found that if we mounted it closer to the one fence it would actually provide more shade over our seating area. This means that we need some kind of metal bracket that will mount to the fence, so we were looking around Canadian Tire for something that might work. I think I found something but I still need a couple of nuts and bolts to see if it will work. For dinner on the way back home we stopped in at Whole Foods for some of their takeaway. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Best thing about RPDR8

Violet Chachki last year's winner upstaged everyone on the final night with her beautiful drag meets cosplay style queen with her own latex crown growing out of her head. With nods to the Borg Queen, insects, and high fashion she made the night. 
Violet Chachki, RuPaul's Drag Race, drag queen, season eight, coronation gown, dress