Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Sunday Walk

Because today promised to be a beautiful day Mr.T and I woke early and walked north on Bathurst Street to Tichester Road. There we walked down into the Cedarvale Ravine. It was a popular place on an early Sunday morning and walking the trail we made our way northwest to Ava Road. From there we walked north to Eglinton Avenue. The street is still pulled apart for the construction of the cross town LRT and we were surprised to see so many businesses that were closed. We stopped in at What a Bagel for a couple of bagels before continuing our walk east to Yonge Street. At Yonge Street we walked north to check out Restoration Hardware, then made our way south on Yonge Street to Davisville Station. We were tired and caught the subway home. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

A Grey Friday

Today Mr.T took another Friday off work so after yoga we made our way to Canadian Tire to pick up a few things for the house. We were both hungry and so we walked west on Dundas Street hoping to stop for some dim sum at the Noble Seafood restaurant. Arriving we were shocked to discover it was closed, permanently, which is odd considering that the place was always busy. 

Since we still wanted dim sum we walked north on Spadina to Rol San. The place has been in business forever and is usually pretty busy. While we were able to get a table for two everyone who came after us had a difficult time. The staff who were working kept half the tables at the back of the restaurant empty and didn't open up the area in back. On top of this they were really rude and while the food was as good as it always is, it was sad to see the staff behaving so badly. A number of people who came in for a meal left before they were seated and watching it made me think that the days of Rol San may be numbered.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Victoria Day Walk

Although today started out a little grey, Mr.T and I decided to head out for a little walk. Heading south through Kensington Market we walked down Spadina to Harbourfront. From there we walked east joining lots of runners and cyclists who were out enjoying the Martin Goodman Trail. We walked as far as Jarvis Street before heading north to King Street. From there we decided to walk a little farther east to Sherbourne before heading north to Allen Gardens. By this time the sun was peeking out a little and after stopping for a minute at Loblaws on Carlton, that was just too busy, we made our way north on Yonge Street walking back through the grounds of the University of Toronto. For dinner  I made some hummus and babaganoush that we ate with pieces of baguette from Chabichou. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Saturday Walk

Although today wasn't as warm as Wednesday and Thursday it was still a bright, beautiful day. After making our way to Kensington Market for our dry goods and veggies, I planted some more eggplant I picked up at the market. We then walked north to Bloor Street then east along Bloor for a different walk. We window shopped at Winner's then Pottery Barn before heading up to the newly renovated Canadian Tire at Church and Yonge Street. We then walked south on Yonge Street to Wellesley before making our way home. 

While the sun continued to shine all day, it gradually became a little cooler, so we settled in for a quiet evening at home with some takeout pizza from our neighbour, Pizza Nova. It was the perfect warm food for a cool Saturday night. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Cooler Friday

After a couple of days of really warm, summery weather, today was a little cooler and more grey. Mr.T had the day of work so after yoga we walked down to St. Lawrence Market with our yoga guru, Mr.D for a light lunch at Paddington's Pub. Located in the northwest corner of the south market building the place is a small greasy spoon that specializes in breakfast type meals. It is always busy with regular clientele enjoying their menus. Mr.T and Mr.D had some eggs and toast, while I had a bagel with some peanut butter. After Mr.D picked up his veggies for the week we bid him goodbye. 

Mr.T and I made our way underground through the PATH to the Sheraton Hotel. We then surfaced and walked west on Queen Street to Spadina before making our way home. Later in the day, the sun came out and we decided to head over to our favourite little pub, East of Brunswick on Spadina just south of Bloor Street. The place serves up pub food with a twist and I decided to try one of their ciders, which was really good. A nice way to end the first day of a long weekend. 

Love It