Monday, June 29, 2015

A Sunday Drive

While the rain continued to drizzle and pour all day yesterday Mr.T and I heeded the call of 
Mr.D and Mr.Z for an afternoon outing away from the city. Although I felt a little guilty abandoning the chaos that is Pride, the wet, dreary, grey weather had us not wanting to deal with being outside. The four of us drove to St.Jacob's hoping to hit the farmer's market. Sadly, none of us thought to check before to see if it was open and sure enough it is closed on Sundays. So we explored the shops across from the market then drove back into the city. After braving lots of backed up traffic we picked up Ms.E and headed east to Tatami Sushi for an AYCE dinner. Of course, because we were all hungry we ordered way too much and all waddled out of the restaurant feeling stuffed. 

Mr.T and I made our way back across the city on the subway just in time to catch the first episode of a new AMC show, Humans. Looking at a world similar to our own that offers synthetic robots that look and act human the show questions how we would interact and use artificial intelligence that appears like us. I have always been fascinated how representations of AI allow us to question not only how we conceive of intelligence, sentience and consciousness but also question how we would interact on a daily basis. Using a number of different scenarios and characters, the show asks, like Blade Runner what happens when human appearing robots become sentient and how we would deal with such issues. It is nice to see a television show that asks intelligent questions rather than simply recycling the same old dystopic visions we have seen before. 

Spiral Stairway

A beautifully designed spiral staircase to wrap around your favourite tree, so you can ascend to the lofty heights above. Designed by Thor term Kulve and Rob McIntyre these modular stairs called CanopyStair can be attached to any tree trunk for the staircase of your dreams. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Pride

A Rainy Weekend

All week the weather folks have been threatening rain for Pride Weekend. Yesterday after making our way to Kensington for our dry goods it was grey and cool but still rain free. We walked over to Church Street to check out the booths and such before the Dyke March and while walking down the street the rain came crashing down. While everyone else ran for cover we opened our umbrellas walked the street and then walked home. Because it was a little cool with all the rain we decided to order in for dinner trying Mama's Pizza. We had noticed a couple of weeks ago they offered a vegan pizza so we ordered two, a vegan pizza for me and a meat pizza for Mr.T. For delivery pizzas they weren't bad, certainly better than we have had before, although Mr.T who has been spoiled by homemade pizza didn't like them. We then watched a documentary on Scientology, Going Clear that was really good. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Add a trailer on the back and you have the way we traveled as kids.
With the pets in the back of a station wagon. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Quiet Weekend

Mr.T and I had a quiet weekend. On Friday night we met Mr.C at our favourite restaurant Rashnaa for dinner. He had never been before and it was a pleasure to catch up while introducing him to some wonderful food. On Saturday after our trip to Kensington for dry goods, veggies and fruit we walked over to Church Street which was shut down for the week leading up to Pride. After making our home we realized we needed to replace the rain barrel which over the long winter had cracked, so we made our way over to the Canadian Tire on Yonge and Church to pick up a replacement. Made of fibreglass the new barrel is lighter and also more cheaply made, here's hoping it will survive the next winter. After running around we were tired and opted for some quick takeout from our local fish and chip place, Harbord Fish & Chips. The food is always too greasy and we regret it every time but we were too pooped to care. After dinner we had a little more energy, so we walked down to College Street to check out the street fair in Little Italy. It was busy with lots of people enjoying the carnival like atmosphere.

On Sunday after a morning puttering in the garden we went for a walk to Home Sense and Winner's on Spadina, walking back along Queen where we picked up salmon burgers for dinner at the Loblaw's at Queen and Portland. I made a potato salad by steam roasting red new potatoes in foil on the BBQ, added green onions, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, parsley and white wine vinegar to accompany the salmon burgers for a nice light dinner.

Welcome Summer