Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Historical Photos

Last night while channel surfing Mr.T and I discovered a show on PBS, Genealogy Roadshow. The show featured people with questions about their past and researchers who presented what they discovered about the families presented. Not surprisingly the show is sponsored by, the genealogy arm of the Mormon church. However what I found interesting is how the internet has facilitated the growth of information about genealogy as sites like Ancestry collect historical records and documents. While talking about some of the stories the researchers also showed collections of historical photographs not necessarily of the individuals in question but from the same historical period. What I would love to see is some kind of internet clearinghouse where all photographs, snapshots and other such memorabilia could be uploaded and saved for others to tag with names, places and dates. 

We all know someone in our lives who have collections of such photographs sitting in drawers, boxes or albums filled with people they no longer know. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all these memories could be saved and stored digitally for future generations to access and use in ways we may not imagine. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Hot & Humid Sunday

Today Mr.T and I were up early to bike over to the Stockyards so I could pick up some hinges for some makeshift doors I added to one side of the pergola/carport in back. Although it was a long way to go for hinges we needed some exercise and a morning bike ride before it became too hot and humid was perfect for a Sunday morning. 

We have slowly been moving things from the shed to the pergola/carport. Eventually we want to take the skin of the shed down, leaving the original shed pergola structure. This will create a more open space in the back allowing for better site lines. We spent most of the rest of the day puttering around the back and inside when it was just too hot to be outside. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Saturday Drive

This morning after making our way to Kensington to pick up our veggies and dry goods for the week Mr.Z called inviting us for a drive to Niagara. Our first stop was at a winery that Mr.Z and Mr.D had discovered while on a winery tour, Two Sisters Vineyards just outside of Niagara-on-the-Lake. A new winery the place features a net-italianate building with columns situated in the centre of their vineyards. Mr.Z had wanted to try their restaurant Kitchen 76 and although they were booked for dinner we were able to score some seats on their really beautiful patio which looked out on to their vineyards. A giant covered terrace the place had a really nice feel and wonderful, attentive service.

The menu featured Italian inspired dishes using local ingredients designed to feature their wines. I opted for some focaccia and olives, while Mr.T had a steak pannini, Mr.Z their octopus and Mr.D their gnocchi. Mr.Z also ordered their antipasto platter which was served rustic style on a cutting board with bread, a selection of meats, olives, nuts and cheese. The food and the setting made it the perfect place for a lovely Saturday afternoon meal. After lunch Mr.Z decided he wanted to buy some wine to take back with him to Toronto. 

After lunch we drove along the Niagara parkway stopping at the Aero Car over the whirlpool because Mr.Z wanted to try it. Traveling across a cable car suspended over a bend in the Niagara River the cable car traveled from one side to the other allowing really beautiful views of the river and the whirlpool below. From there we drove further along the parkway parking beside the Skylon Tower before walking over to the Fallsview Casino to see if we had any luck that day. The only one to win anything was Mr.D who won back what he played we decided next to walk down to the Falls before getting back on the QEW to head home.

On the way back we decided to stop for dinner at the Lake House Restaurant just west of St.Catherine's and just off the QEW. Not surprisingly the place was packed but after a short wait we were seated inside near the bar. I opted for a spinach salad and their patatas braves, Mr.T had a Moroccan stew, while Mr.Z had their mussels and a steak dinner and Mr.D a pasta dish. The food and service again was good with portions that were too large for us all. Sufficiently sated we then made our way back to TO after a lovely Saturday drive with friends. 

Just Because

Friday, June 24, 2016


This morning I awoke to discover that the UK voted to leave the EU following the vote on the Brexit. Again we see how nationalist ideas fuelled by xenophobia and fear trump the ability to see beyond protectionism. It is depressing in this day and age that we continue to see the rise of xenonphobic parties that prey on fear rather than hope. It is too easy to give into fear which fosters distrust and hatred and harder to build rather than destroy. 

Fete de St.Jean Baptiste