Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Heading West

This morning I am heading north to Pearson to catch a flight west to Calgary. Thanks to Ms.M I am going to be spending a couple of day experiencing an Alberta winter. The idea was originally to help her pick paint colours and to give decorating suggestions for a new home. Sadly, the deal for the house wasn't finalized due to lots of unforeseen financial issues tied to the new home, so we will be able to spend a few days together just enjoying each other's company. 

Sunday, December 04, 2016

A Saturday Walk

After heading to Kensington to pick up our dry goods Mr.T and I wanted to head out for a walk. While it was cold it out, it was a bright, sunny day so we walked north to Bloor up Brunswick then crossing Bloor we walked father north before finding a cross street to head east to Yorkville. We stopped in at the Whole Foods located in the newly renovated Yorkville Village, previously Hazelton Lanes. They have opened up the mall creating a much nicer and lighter space by connecting it not only to the existing streets in Yorkville but also with a really nice atrium filled with light in what used to be a really dark space at the centre of the mall. 

From there we walked over to the Canadian Tire on Yonge Street to pick up some recyclable green bins for the kitchen and a filter for the furnace. Mr.T's foot was starting to bother him so we then made our way back down to Bloor intending to catch the subway but discovered it wasn't working so we had to catch a shuttle bus from Yonge to St.George. After getting on the subway at St.George we made our way to Bathurst only to find that the streetcars there were also replaced by busses. 

Once home we decided to order in from Foodora and picked ordered in some Chinese food from New Sky on Spadina. The food wasn't great, but at least ordering in meant that Mr.T didn't have to walk more and strain his ankle. 

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Bad Girls

To Infinity and Beyond

I have been watching the National Geographic series Mars which splits between a talking head styled documentary set in the present, 2016 with those who are involved in Mars missions and a speculative interpretation of what the first landing on Mars could be like in 2033. Combining questions of how and why with what could happen it is an interesting way to look at the questions of space travel. The show combines questions of science with speculation in a way that is fun and interesting to watch. 

At the same time Mr.T and I have been re-watching the Star Trek series Enterprise on Netflix (after upgrading our internet to unlimited we can be more liberal with how much bandwith we use). The opening sequence of Enterprise focuses on the history of exploration and how we moved into space step by step and watching it I find myself wondering why we are focusing on getting to Mars when we still haven't built a base or station on the Moon. I understand that shooting for Mars is more glamorous and brings back the ideals of shooting for the Moon way back in the '60s but wouldn't it make more sense to launch space missions from somewhere other than Earth, given that we need so much energy just to escape Earth's atmosphere. Wouldn't it make more sense to launch from either a space station or a base on the Moon? Because I was raised with the expectations of the original Space Race I still long for the promised space stations and moon base we were promised way back in the heady, idealistic days of the 1960s. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mabel showed off her style...

A Saturday Walk

Yesterday was another grey, drizzly, November Saturday. After making our way to Kensington for dry goods and veggies Mr.T and went for a walk to the Eaton Centre. We wanted to check out all the changes and additions since we haven't been there in ages. We walked through the new Nordstrom but found it little different from the previous Eaton's or the Bay farther south. Not surprisingly given the weather and the build-up to the Holiday season the place was really busy. Walking south we checked out the new Pusaterri's in the basement of the Bay. Occupying the space just inside the walkway from the Eaton Centre and the subway it is a huge store clad in white subway tiles with stations devoted to all the different food stuffs they offer. It is really beautifully designed and laid out but way over priced for what was offered. After walking underground to the Sheraton we then walked west on Queen Street which is all pulled up for construction stopping in at the Winners and Loblaw's on Portland before making our way home. 

Friday, November 25, 2016


This past month Mr.T and I have been watching a lot of Netflix and Youtube and I have been uploading a lot of information with my project to digitize my sketchbooks. In the process we used 8 GBS over our download limit with Rogers. The most depressing issue about going over is that the Rogers system for monitoring doesn't monitor in real time so never really know exactly how much you have used each day. So on Thursday morning I called up Rogers and moved from our 135 GB monthly allowance to an unlimited monthly use. Although it was an extra $ 20.00 it will mean we don't have to monitor how much bandwith we use. On Thursday morning I had to remove the old modem, take it up to the Bloor Street store and exchange it for a newer modem then install it at home. 

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