Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Smokin' Sandy Claws


He has risen

Choose your DESTRUCTOR!

Wasted Days...

Yesterday, Mr.T decided to work from home because we had to wait around for the delivery of our new refrigerator. He ordered it a couple of weeks ago because the existing fridge was making all sorts of strange noises while refusing to actually cool the fridge or the freezer. After hunting around we decided on a GE/Moffat counter-depth 11.3 cubic foot model that would fit better into the kitchen space. We were hoping for a white finish to match the oven, but it only came in stainless and black, so in the end we opted for the stainless finish. 

When we ordered it from Home Depot we were told the delivery folks, a third party, would call the day before delivery with a delivery window. Sure enough they called on Monday giving us a four hour window from 10:30 to 2:30. That morning we emptied out the fridge and placed all the freezer items in a freezer bag outside. Having been through similar experiences before I knew that if it came in that window it would be towards the end of it, but you always hope you will be wrong. As the window came and went we were informed the delivery guys were running late and we were no looking at delivery sometime around 4:00. They actually arrived after 5:00, having to take the door off the old fridge and the house to get the old one out, and installed the new fridge. We hurried to fill the freezer and then walked up to Bloor street for a quick dinner at Sushi on Bloor, because we were hungry and we needed to get out of the house. It was a long day of waiting.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Cold November Day

Today was another cold, frigid although snow free day. After our Saturday morning trip to Kensington, Mr.T and I went north to the BStreet Condos to check out a couple of units. They had a 2 bedroom loft unit spread over 2 floors and a 3 bedroom single floor with an amazing terrace. We also checked out the townhomes we had previously looked at trying to figure out if we could live in any of the spaces. It is always had to know if a move from A to B will be the right move. There are benefits and tradeoffs in any home and looking at new spaces seems so attractive. 

After exploring the condos we made our way down to Home Sense and Winner's on Spadina, where I found some new sheets for my bed, then hopped board a King streetcar heading west. We wanted to check out the newly opened Corktown Common located just west of the Don Valley and south of Queen Street. The place features a selection of undulating hills dotted with trees and small ponds that are encircled by a selection of paths. There is also a community area and a couple of really nice play areas with slides, swings, a sandbox and a pool. The place deserves the international recognition it has been garnishing for its styling and design and will be a welcome addition to the new Pan Am village planned for the Pan Am games in 2015.

Walking west Mr.T and I decided to check out a Portuguese restaurant that was recommended to him by someone at work. We arrived for an early dinner, tired and cold looking forward to a nice meal. Lisbon by Night has been open at the location on Dundas Street just west of Bathurst for an amazing 43 years. The place is located over a Portuguese bakery on the second floor. Looking south onto Dundas and east it has surprisingly beautiful views of the downtown. Because we were dining early we basically had the place to ourselves and over the course of the evening came to understand why the place has survived so long in a competitive market. Not a large place there are a selection of well dressed round and square tables looking both south and east while a well stocked bar sits on the north wall of the place. Behind that is the kitchen, with a raised stage on the west wall that features live music later in the evening. The decor and lighting is simple with candle lights on the tables and in the windows giving the place the feeling of a warm cave. Everything about the setting including the beautifully sad Portuguese laments as background music transported us to someplace other than Toronto. The experience was akin to being on vacation in some foreign land. We opted for the fish rodizo which began with a really nice fish soup. This was followed by a selection of sides including boiled potatoes, beans & rice and salsa. Next arrived a selection of fish dishes beautifully grilled with just salt, pepper and olive oil. The simplicity of the dishes let the ingredients speak for themselves. There is something so refreshing about a fish place that allows the fish to speak rather than dressing it with lots of unnecessary flavours and dressing. After finishing each selection we were presented with other fish options until we found ourselves full unable to make it through all the courses. Finally, we finished with some grilled pineapple the perfect desert for such a protein heavy meal. The service was prompt, friendly and informative letting us know what we were eating, making the whole experience really special. For anyone who loves atmosphere, good food and straight forward cooking Lisbon by Night must be experienced. 

Into the Woods

Friday, November 14, 2014

Memento Mori

These beautiful bejeweled skeletons discovered in 1578 in catacombs under Rome are from a new book by Paul Koudounaris called Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Sanits from the Catacombs. via So Bad, So Good


First Snow

The polar vortex that has covered most of North America finally hit TO yesterday. Temperatures have been dropping daily and yesterday we had our first taste of winter with a light dusting of snow. Thankfully it melted after hitting the ground but it portends the winter to come.