Monday, July 24, 2017

A Monday Bike Ride

According to the weather folks it was supposed to rain later today, so I decided to make the most of the sun that was available for a morning bike ride. I rode down to Cherry Beach, then continued further east along the Martin Goodman Trail all the way to its end at Balmy Beach. There I turned around and my way back along the trail to Leslie Street where I crossed over Lakeshore to the north side of the trail. After crossing the Don River I biked a little bit on the lower Don Trail before exiting at the new Corktown Common. There I biked up to Queen Street, then to Parliament before making my way back home. All together I did 28.2 kilometres. 

Arriving home I decided to tackle the bed I have been wanting to build. After pulling apart the old workbench in the basement I was left with a bunch of 2x4's each 6" in length. Using two for the sides, I cut another into two pieces of 40" for the tops, screwed them together, added a cross brace and cut some pieces for legs at 12" each. I then used some plywood strips from the old bed to sit on top of the 2x4's and act as slats for the bed. In the end while it isn't perfect, I think it is a great little bed, built from extra wood. All I need now is to sand it down and paint it.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Drizzly Saturday

The view of downtown from the footbridge on Pape Avenue

After picking up our dry goods and veggies at Kensington Market Mr.T and I decided to head over to Gerard and Greenwood to check out the Festival of South India. After changing from a streetcar to a bus we walked the rest of the way to the festival and while we walked around it began to drizzle. I wanted to hit a Home Depot on the way back, so we walked west along Gerard to Gerard Square to check out the local Home Depot. Sadly, the place was a lot smaller than our usual place at the Stockyards and didn't seem to have a great selection. We were looking for some hex bolts (they didn't have enough), some hex nuts (they had none) and washers and some wood for legs. I have a collection of 2x4's left over from my rebuild of the workbench in the basement and I thought it would be great to use them to build myself a new, sturdier bed. All I needed was the hardware (nuts and bolts) and something for legs. I was hoping for some 4x4's but we couldn't find any. Frustrated we made our way up to Pape Street where we caught a bus back to Pape Station. We were going to head west on the subway to our Home Depot in the Stockyards but discovered that parts of the subway were not running for the weekend, so when it stopped at Broadview we decided instead just to walk home along Bloor. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Dayz

The past couple of days we have had really warm, summery, sunny days. Today after yoga the guys from Bateman Bicycles called me letting me know my bike was ready to be picked up. So after walking from one end of town to the other I picked up my bike and rode it back home. I spent the rest of the day puttering around the house, cleaning up a little here and a little there. For dinner, I met Mr.T at our new favourite vegan Vietnamese place, Saigon Lotus on St.Andrew Street in Kensington Market. It was the perfect place for dinner on a really, hot, muggy, summery night. I had a couple of appetizers, including their fried tofu & tamarind, a "crab" rice roll and their delicious eggplant salad, while Mr.T had their caramel "chicken" on rice. We finished it off with one of their yummy strawberry shakes, made of crushed ice and strawberries which helped cool us down. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Achy Brakey Bike

This morning, because it was promising to be a beautiful day, I decided to head out for a bike ride. However, my bike had other ideas. After biking down John Street at Queen Street, the brakes on my bike gave out. Thankfully I was able to stop just north of the intersection, but it meant I had to walk my bike back home before taking it up to Bateman's Bicycles on Bathurst Street just north of Barton Street for them to repair it. Sadly, it won't be ready until Friday, but at least it will then be safe to ride again. After dropping off my bike, I decided to walk up to Loblaw's on Dupont, picking up some of their yummy olives, before making my way back home. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Village Sign?


A couple of weeks ago when Mr.T and I were on one of our walks around the city we spotted this really beautiful piece of ironwork on Sumach Street by Eastern Avenue. The laser cut steel fence, by Scott Munson and Mariaane Lovink captures the history of Corktown in steel and is really beautiful. I loved the piece and thought wouldn't it be nice to see something similar, featuring some of the unique architecture of the neighbourhood at the west and east entrances to Harbord Village. Imagine a beautiful, laser-cut steel sign stretching over Harbord street on the west side of Spadina and the east side of Bathurst Streets. It would announce the neighbourhood and create a sense of community. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Sunday Walk

After cleaning up the garden and trimming back some of the wisteria and some of the trees that extend from a neighbour's garden Mr.T and I decided to go for a walk before it rained. We walked down Bathurst Street to the lake then walked around the Malting Silos to the other side of Ireland Park. We had explored the area before but now the area was open all the way from the Bathurst Pier to Billy Bishop Airport, allowing you to walk through the whole area. It was nice to see another part of the lakefront opened up for exploration. It would be nice to see the Silos used in a way other than just fenced off from public use. 

We then walked east along the Waterfront Trail all the way to the Sherbourne Commons, where there was a Festival of India. Filling the park south of Queens Quay East the festival featured a few tents promoting Indian culture, but not a lot that was of interest for us. 

We then walked north on Sherbourne to Queen Street then walked west to the Eaton Centre to check out the new footbridge between the Bay and the Eaton Centre. While it isn't open yet it really is a much nicer glassed in bridge. Walking through the Eaton Centre we stopped for a snack before checking out the Canadian Tire for a stool for my workbench in the basement. We found a nice cheap one that will work and catching a streetcar we made our way home. 

Every One Needs a Dream

Sean Connery

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Sunny Saturday

This morning after heading to Kensington Market for our veggies and dry goods we decided to walk over to City Hall to check out this Art Fair. On our way there we checked out the new park just south of the Art Gallery of Ontario, by the Grange. The annual event brings together artists from all over the city, and today was the perfect sunny day for them to display their wares. There was lots to see and lots of people, and while it was a little too hot for us we ducked into the Eaton Centre to cool off. 

We walked north to Dundas Square hoping to see the Festival of India, but it had been moved to Sherbourne Commons, so we walked north on Yonge Street to the Canadian Tire at Yonge and Church Streets. I was hoping to find a stool that would work with my new workbench, but the one I had spotted before was no longer in the store. After looking around we walked through Yorkville back home before heading back to Kensington Market for dinner at Saigon Lotus. It has become our goto veggie place and on a hot day it was the perfect place for dinner. I had their eggplant salad, and a sweet and sour tofu dish on rice, while Mr.T had their caramel chicken on rice. We finished it off with one of their delicious strawberry shakes. 

Heading home we decided to cut down an old piece of IKEA furniture to fill in for a piece missing on my new workbench. The perfect way to end a hot summery day.