Friday, March 29, 2013

A Hidden Gem

Today I discovered was a holiday, because Mr.T was at home and he decided to join me for my Friday morning yoga class. I have been going for sometime now twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings with a group of older guys who are all in different stages of flexibility and general bendiness. I couldn't handle one of those classes where everyone is slim, svelte, bendy and decked out in Lululemon. 

After Mr.T and I walked over to Yonge Street to pick up some prescriptions and spotted a place offering all day dim sum (Cha Lau Dim Sum Restaurant). We had seen the place before but never bothered to check out and were surprised to discover a gem in plain sight. The place has floor to ceiling glass windows that look out east on Yonge Street. Running east west the place is long and narrow and decorated like a little dark Chinese jewel box. The outside gives no indication of what lies inside. It is really beautiful and precious. There are a selection of booths running along one wall, giving diners lots of privacy and intimacy, and a waiters station running down the middle of the restaurant. On the other side of this are more tables and behind them a beautifully crafted shelving system that features lots of Chinese inspired decorations. At the back of the restaurant is a Chinese screen that is backlit, again creating a pretty atmosphere. 

The menu featured a diverse selection of dim sum dishes, some expected and some not. Each arrived beautifully plated showing lots of thought behind the design, display and the choices of food and dips. The food was as delicious as it was beautiful and left us impressed with the restaurant. Sadly, we regretted ignoring the place for so long, after discovering this gem hidden in plain sight. 

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