Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Sunny Day at the Falls

Toronto skyline lake
Today was promising to be a beautiful sunny day, so Mr.T and I caught the Casino Bus to the Fallsview Casino to take in the Falls. The bus is a cheap way to get from Toronto to Niagara Falls (it is only $ 5.00) allowing us to soak up some of the sun while admiring the beauty of the still partly frozen falls. Arriving at the casino we walked down to the falls then along the river and gorge to Clifton Hill. We then made our way back up the hill to the casino and decided we needed lunch. I had seen a sign for a Chinese buffet and inside the casino we spotted a buffet restaurant. Sadly, this wasn't the Chinese buffet I had seen but the Casino's own Grand Buffet. Like any casino buffet there is a feast for the eyes,  the Falls, and lots of food. Buffets are infamous for quantity over quality and the Grand Buffet is no exception, but we were hungry after our walk and it made for a nice sit down lunch. After we walked around the casino grounds basking in the warmth of the sun before waiting for the bus back to Toronto. Because we had missed picking up our Saturday morning dry goods we went to Kensington, which was packed with shoppers and tourists enjoying the beautiful Spring day. 

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