Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And then there were Six...


Last night's RuPaul's Drag Race began with the seven sisters who survived last week's show. Of the seven girls left we have two distinct groups and different approaches to drag: the pagent queens, Alyssa, Roxxxy and Cocoa and the campy, funny "bar queens", Alaska, Ivy, Jinkx and Detox. How they approach the show and the challenges is informed by where they learned their drag and where they come from. The pagent queens focus on the look, often taking themselves and IT too seriously (remember PhiPhi?), while the "bar queens" have a sense of humour about what they do and who they are. As Latrice said years ago, they are after all men in dresses. 

Last week, Alyssa and Roxxxy had to lip synch for their lives and they both "brought it". After the lip synch Roxxxy broke down, saying she felt lost, alone and abandoned leaving everyone in tears, but the timing was odd. As we saw in the clips from UnTucked Roxxxy already broke down in the Gold Bar, making her second breakdown on stage oddly suspicious. I'm diminishing her feelings and her emotions but the timing seems really odd. Crying, in the Gold Bar, then back on stage to cry again, just before Ru announces who will go home? It couldn't hurt to squeeze out a few more tears, could it, to make sure it isn't you? And of course, Ru let them both stay. 

Well this week we find out that Roxxxy was convinced that Alyssa should have went home, that Roxxxy felt she had out performed Alyssa? Really? After the tears and drama you will never really know, and you can't be sure, can you? This week the girls had to play a game of match the undies, Andrew Christian undies, on the bodies of a group of beautiful, sexy and distracting men. Ivy won the mini challenge, garnishing for herself some custom designed corsets. For the main challenge they needed to design a perfume, design a bottle and a commercial and dress for the launch of the product. A couple of the girls seemed really lost by the challenge. No surprise that Alyssa missed the mark, she always seems confused about anything not to do with clothes or make-up or talking smack. I am the only one who is tired of Alyssa and Coco? In the beginning I had a soft spot for Coco but their constant bickering, bitching and griping just makes me want them to go home. Neither can take any criticism or judgement and instead go on the offensive. Why does no one on the show take them to task? But Ivy was just clueless. This should have been one of her challenges. 

No surprise that Alaska, Detox and Jinkx had fun with the challenge. They understood that the scent was supposed to reflect their personalities and style. That they needed to market themselves. Alaska's perfume Red to Filth won in the end, with Detox's Heroine and Jinkx's Delusion coming in close behind. What was sad was how Ivy, Alyssa and Roxxxy missed the mark, not really having a clue what they wanted to say and how to say it. 

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