Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Drag Can Save the World


Now there are seven. This week's RuPaul's Drag Race started with 8 contestants, beginning with a contest to see who could put their makeup on...in the dark. Of course, Alaska took the opportunity to show of her humour, going over the top with a scare face. When the lights were turned back on Jinx showed off her sense of humour channeling Meryl Streep from Death Becomes Her, "Do you remember where we parked the car?" As we get to know more about the girls each week Jinx becomes more and more interesting. Detox won the makeup challenge and got to form the groups for the main challenge. No surprise that she choose Roxxxy and Alaska for her group, then Jinx, Jade and Ivy for a second group leaving Coco and Alyssa together again. You would think after last week that Coco would be over the whole girl-fight thing, but no, she just won't let go. In the beginning I liked Coco but watching over the weeks never letting go is hard, she needs to concentrate on herself and stop worrying about everyone else. Come on girl, you are a professional. 

For the main challenge they had to write and perform an 80s charity song, "Can I get an Amen". Sadly, Coco couldn't let go, worrying about Detox's shade and it ruined her performance, while Ivy and Jinx showed they can really sing. Alaska of course couldn't really sing but used the challenge to stand out from Roxxxy and Detox. The outfits were cute with all of them capturing the 80s theme. 

On the runaway they were asked to showcase their best body part with Jinkx promising to bring on some glam. Michelle has been bugging Jinx for weeks to bring on the glam. I know Jinkx can do it, just tailor down her silhouette and pair down her makeup and it would work. But it is a scary thing for those who depend on camp and humour to take themselves seriously. But really, glam is just another form of drag. It is a hard thing but Sharon Needles showed last year it is possible for a camp queen to put on the glam when needed. That combined with Jinx's intelligence and humour could make her a winner. 

Coco came out showing off her heart in a flesh toned bodysuit that really didn't work. She was followed by Alyssa showing how to wear a caftan showing off her legs. Then Jade with lots of coloured hair extensions, what was she thinking? Then Ivy with a brilliant dress made out of pictures of her face (really smart). Jinkx tried glam but it was busy and confused. Followed by Roxxxy showing off her tatas and her body. Alaska, using the same silhouette and hair she always uses showed off her collarbone (which again was brilliant...you can never predict what she will do) with Detox in a tight dress that when she turned showed off her ass. You would think that seeing how other girls work and dress you would be able to learn some of their techniques and style. 

In the end Coco and Jade were in the bottom two, with Coco sending Jade home. 

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