Sunday, March 10, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday after our Saturday morning foray to Kensington Mr.T had to go into work. After that we met up with Mr.D and Mr.Z who had been shopping at Henry's on Queen Street. They had some errands to run and we joined them driving around the city soaking up some of the much needed sunshine. At Home Depot I had some wood cut for the floating end tables I want to make. Picking up a couple of 16" pine shelfs, I had them cut down into 18" and 12" pieces for the tops/bottoms and sides. The end tables will be simple open boxes that will then be mounted onto a wood cleat that will remain hidden under the frame, giving them the appearance of floating on the wall. 

For dinner, Mr.D was craving some hot and sour soup to soothe a sore throat and a nagging cold, so we made our way to Simon's Wok on Gerard Street. The place is one of my favourite Chinese vegetarian places because it is so centrally located. None of us had ever had dinner their before and it was an opportunity to introduce it to Mr.D. Located on the south side of Gerrard street just a little east of Logan the place is a little hole in the wall. It sits by itself the only restaurant in the area. It is a simple square box with a few square tables and two bigger round tables. The staff hang out at the back of the restaurant always eager for customers. Everything about the place is bare and spartan, except for the food, which is always delicious. The menus, laminated place mats have a selection of Chinese vegetarian options and a small sheet of specials. There are appetizers, soups, casseroles, main dishes, noodle dishes and rice dishes. We ordered the hot and sour soup, some deep fried mushrooms, ginger eggplant, sweet and sour pork, curry gluten, MaPo tofu and Shanghai noodles. Everything arrived hot and delicious with way more food than we needed. But one of the joys of such places is the sheer quantity of food that arrives. We enjoyed all the dishes, especially the deep fried mushrooms which are always yummy fried salty nibbles, but found the MaPo tofu too watery and bland. It was the perfect way to end a nice spring-like day. 

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