Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Panda Dollars


Yesterday two pandas arrived from The People's Republic of China in Toronto. They are on loan to the Toronto Zoo for five years and everyone involved is hoping to cash in on their cache. Not only is the media falling all over itself to cover the story but everyone discusses how much money they could make from the furry creatures. It is ridiculous to the point of absurdity. These giant animals are flown half way around the world in their own plane, decked out with lots of advertising to be marketed as a bridge between Canada and China. Over at This Hour Has 22 Minutes they point out the absurdity of the PM meeting the plane of pandas while refusing to meet with a group of young Cree who walked 1,800 km from Northern Quebec to Ottawa. 

In China the pandas are losing their habitats due to human encroachment and yet we will spend money to fly them around the world. Amanda Lang argues that we should not be spending money on animals that refuse to propagate themselves. If China was serious about saving the pandas, they should be protecting their natural habitats and not making money to fly them around the world. Everything about the deal smacks of commodification and marketing with little attention to the animals themselves. 

Panda Delivery Toronto

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