Sunday, March 24, 2013


Although the temperature is SLOWLY climbing Spring has still not arrived, at least in temperature. We still have snow on the ground and it is just above zero. Yesterday after making our way to Kensington for our Saturday morning dry goods we went on a walk to New Canadians in search of a new shower head for our bathroom. During the renovations the old small nozzles on the old shower head were damaged with the water coming on with too much force. Although our contractor found our shower head at New Canadians we were unable to find a replacement. On our walk back we passed Annapurra and ducked in for a yummy slice of vegan chocolate pie. 

Making our way home we hung around at home then began thinking about dinner. We were both craving Indian and decided to walk up to Bloor Street to try The Indian Kitchen which had long ago replaced Nataraj. Arriving there we found it closed and instead opted for Mt. Everest across the road. It has been there as long as I can remember and we both thought we had eaten there before, but the decor left us thinking either it had changed or we hadn't been there. They really do need to update their signage and fonts, they are looking very dated. The restaurant sits on the south side of Bloor Street with glass windows looking out onto the street. Like most Toronto restaurants it is long and narrow. There is a bar when you enter that separates a section of tables at the front and some near the kitchen. The decor is dark and rich with lots of wood accents. When we arrived it was almost empty but while we were sitting it was full in no time. The staff was attentive and polite providing service when needed. The menu featured a selection of expected East-Indian and Nepalese dishes. We opted for some onion bhajis, a roti, a garlic naan, and two vindaloos. Although the bhajis were a little greasy and too salt everything else was delicious. It was what one would expect for a place frequented by locals from the neighbourhood. 

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