Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wherefore Art Thou...

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While the weather gets progressively warmer there are still Torontoians who do not have a place to sleep. We have seen unprecedented growth in the city. Everywhere you look, cranes are building new condominiums and yet all this growth makes little dent in the need for affordable housing. There have been decades where no new affordable housing has been constructed. When the province downloaded social services to the city as part of amalgamation it refused to give the city money to address issues of housing. Our population is growing and aging and yet we do not have the infrastructure to support this growth. We need to address these issues, to pay attention to those who don't have a safe place to sleep and those who don't have the money for housing. 

Over at Torontoist Desmond Cole discusses the lack of affordable housing and a homeless population that has no place to go. It is depressing to see such growth without attention to housing for those in need. Along the Don Valley housing is going up for athletes for the Pan Am Games and yet no new affordable housing is being constructed in the city. We need leadership at the municipal and the federal level that recognizes how important it is to provide affordable housing for all. We need vision about the city we have and the city we want to live in. 

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