Tuesday, April 09, 2013

...and then there were four

Last night Detox finally sent Coco packing. At the start of the show I liked Coco, but the more we got to see of her and Alyssa the more tired I became of them both. The pagent queens bring with them all the shade, distrust and nastiness they experience in the pagent world.  It is a world filled with nastiness and frustration and the pagent girls always imagine everyone else is motivated in the same way. Like that old saying, if you imagine the worst in people you will find it. Last night we saw this with Coco, every time someone critiqued her she assumed it was an attack. Even Ru, who never says anything bad to the girls had to remind her that it was a competition and that you needed to have some fun and not take it all so seriously. As Alaska said a couple of weeks ago, "the best revenge is doing better". Instead of spending so much time and energy on anger and frustration, turn that around and make that energy work for yourself. Alaska, Detox and Jinkx work on themselves trying to make them the best that they can be, while not worrying about the other girls. In the long run this is a healthier attitude not only towards the competition but also about yourself. You don't lose because of fault, but because someone else was just that little bit better. 

Last night Alaska won the mini challenge, which was drag bootcamp with a hunky instructor running the girls through exercises until Alaska was the only one left. Winning meant she was allowed to pair up a group of gay male vets from the US military with the girls. It was a makeup challenge, with the girls having to paint their vets as members of their drag family. Alaska gave herself a tall lanky guy, who it turns out walked like a truck driver in heels, an older bearded guy to Jinkx, a hunky latino guy to Detox, a short hairy guy to Roxxxy and a beefy guy to Coco. 

It was interesting to see how the girls worked with their vets, especially Detox's partner who took to his heels like a pro. Not only did the girls have to doll up the boys, but they also had to prepare a colour dance. Ironically enough those who seemed to be the front winners turned around in the final challenge. Even though Roxxxy had the hairiest guy he came out with the best family resemblance, with Jinkx and Alaska following in behind. Coco was in the bottom because she had never turned out anyone before and it showed on the face of her vet, and while she gave it her best against Detox in the lip synch, it was time for her to go (it was her fourth time in the bottom). After all, she did what she came to do, she sent Alyssa home before her. I would love in the end to see a showdown between Jinkx, Alaska and Detox, and to see that last pagent queen, Roxxxy go home, especially a lip synch between Alaska & Jinkx, because we have never seen either lip synch. 

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