Wednesday, April 24, 2013

...and then there were Three


This week was the night of threes. On Monday night the last three contestants on Drag Race, Jinkx Monsoon, Alaska Thunderfuck and Roxxxy Andrews were presented with three different challenges. They had to pull together a look and perform in Ru's new video for The Beginning, they had to create three different courtroom personas (a witness, a defense attorney and a prosector in front of Judge Ru) and they had to show off their best runaway look. The challenge gave all three a chance to shine. Roxxxy, as Michelle recognized was a video ho, shining in both the video challenge and on the runaway, bringing out classic Roxxxy style, while Jinkx and Alaska both shined in the courtroom challenges. Not surprisingly the acting challenge showed Roxxxy's weakness and she became angrier with the director Mathu Anderson (the man behind the magic) as the challenge progressed.


On the runaway Roxxxy showed off her figure in a glittery paisley gown with her trademark reveal. Jinkx came next with a look that was to say the least disappointing. This was their final runaway look, the chance to WoW! the judges and Jinkx's look was underwhelming. The dress this week, like a lot of her outfits looked like something picked up from the mouldy bin at Goodwill. I love the girl and her shtick, but she always goes for the quirky dated characters, and sometimes it seems a crutch rather than a strength. Like Sharon last year there seems to be a fear that she could lose herself in the glamour look, but as Sharon came to recognize even glam drag still had an edge. We know that Jinkx can pull off the glamour look, we have seen it in the photos that have come out after the filming of the show and I get that she comes to the runaway with a different aesthetic, so does Alaska, but it would be really nice to see her just once or twice with really BIG HAIR (like Alaska's amazing hair this week) and a clean, lean silhouette (again like Alaska's beautiful lace runaway number this week). Alaska's look was stunning. Not only was it her classic silhouette, tweaked with a beautiful lace cutaway, but she wore her hair up making herself truly stunning. It would be fun to see the girls dress each other, and to see what they could learn from each other (imagine Jinkx in something like Alaska's look?). After all they have strengths and weaknesses. 


After their runaway they had to explain why they were America's Next Drag Superstar. The assignment as Ru and Michelle discussed when they left the stage was to explain why they were the winner and how the other two fell short. Not surprisingly, Roxxxy's speech was all pagenty (she was called out for it by the attorney earlier in the show) and Jinkx explained her strengths and how as an outsider she brought strength to the competition, but it was Alaska who surprised with a theatrical speech proclaiming her worth. The speeches helped define the girls for America to vote their favourite, and I have to admit going into I was Team Jinkx, but after Alaska's speech I am thinking it may be Alaska after all. I can't see Roxxxy as a winner because her idea of drag is so circumscribed and limited. While she believes she has brought lots of different looks to the stage, it really is the same look over and over. Her makeup and look never really changes. I get her idea of drag, that pagent view of beauty, but it really is so limited. Both Jinkx and Alaska offer something more varied and interesting, even with all the rough edges. 

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