Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soaking up the Sun

Finally the temperature has stabilized. We have had more than a couple of days in the double digits and each day more sun. Yesterday after our Saturday morning foray to Kensington Mr.T and I decided to go for a walk to soak up some of the sun. We walked down Spadina past a parade celebrating Fort York to Harbourfront. The area is one giant construction site as the city redesigns the area to make it more pedestrian friendly. If I remember correctly the idea is to create dedicated transit lanes, framed by trees and to reduce traffic to one lane each way with larger sidewalks and boulevards. It will in the end make the area more attractive, but the process means pulling apart everything, making it hard to navigate for anyone wanting to walk along the lake. We sat for awhile in front of Queen's Quay then made our way farther east to Jarvis Street to begin our walk back home. 
A selection of condo signs on Spadina, one after another.

At home Mr.T began tackling the upstairs deck. Breaking out the stain he began the process of applying the opaque white stain to the railing and door trim. It will be an ongoing project because it is such a large deck that will needs lots of stain. Neither of us was very hungry for dinner, so Mr.T picked up a couple of sandwiches from Ghazale a fish fillet with tabouli for me and a meat one for him. We finished with a slice of lemon cake that I had made on Friday. 

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