Friday, May 10, 2013

Heating on My Mind

Last Saturday when I came home early from a party I sat down to an episode of Ask This Old House. The show is great because they are always addressing older homes and everything that makes them special. This particular episode featured an apartment/granny flat over top of a garage that needed a heating solution for the space. It was a small space only 700 square feet and while reviewing the options for heating the HVAC guy suggested a heat pump. The idea had me captivated and confused as I had never heard of a heat pump before. Smaller than a conventional furnace, the heat pump not only creates heat for a space but also can cool the space like an A/C unit. It also has the added bonus of not needing endless wall and ceiling space for duct work. Sadly, when we replaced our furnace and A/C after we moved in we never informed that a heat pump was an option. Not only is it a smaller and less intrusive unit inside it also almost disappears outside. 

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