Saturday, May 25, 2013

On My Nightstand

There hasn't been anything waiting for me at the local library so last week I picked up one of their display books, Darwin Porter's Inside Linda Lovelace's Deep Throat: Degradation, Porn Chic, and the rise of Feminism (New York: Blood Moon, 2013). Sadly, the book is an 
unbelievably trashy tome, with 640 pages of unrelenting sleaze, gossip and salacious commentary on Lovelace and the people she encountered. Porter, who is a celebrity biographer uses Lovelace's memoirs and interviews with her that were never published to craft this lurid book. If you can imagine it, you will find it somewhere in this book. The details of each sexual encounter are described in lurid detail that would make a pornographic novel blush. While it tries to rise above this style of writing with nods to larger political and ideological events it revels too much in the lurid details of sex. Like a car wreck it is hard to look away. 

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