Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Perverse Irony

As the media falls over each other trying to cover the grief from the latest tornado in the American midwest they refuse to cover the larger story. There is something perversely ironic about the media coverage of these storms. As scientists have long argued, global warming will mean more dramatic weather. This means larger, fiercer and more violent storms that will only increase in intensity as the globe warms from greenhouse gasses. We will see more of this type of weather with increasing intensity. However, the nation that has contributed most to global warming through industrialization and that continues to deny its existence is the very place where these storms are striking. Between tornados, monster storms and hurricanes Americans will bear the brunt of much of this weather. But the people who live in these areas continue to support those who refuse to recognize the science behind this, placing their faith in those who refuse to accept what is happening.  

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