Sunday, May 19, 2013

Plants, Friends & Food

Yesterday after Mr.T and I made our foray to Kensington Mr.D and Mr.Z picked us up for a trip out to the Humber Nurseries in Brampton. We usually head out there once a year because they have the most amazing selection of plants in the area. The place is huge and goes on forever and everyone else in the area had the same idea so it was packed. We picked up some more basil (the stuff we had did not fare well through the cold snap), some lavender for Mr.T, some seed potatoes and some corn plants for the back garden. Although I have planted corn seeds, nothing was coming up and I really wanted to see how the corn would work in the back garden. 

Heading back downtown we were feeling hungry and because it was a beautiful day I suggested we needed to try a patio somewhere. We headed over to the Danforth looking for a new Greek place. Mr.Z spotted Pan and the menu looked inviting. We found some seats on the patio and were greeted by a really sweet and enthusiastic waitress. It is a small restaurant on the North side of Danforth with a small patio that looks out from the restaurant onto the sidewalk. Inside the place is clothed in dark, luxurious tones suggesting a bar more than a restaurant. The menu featured a selection of appetizers, mezes and traditional Greek mains. What was surprising was that most of the mains, including the fish and seafood were cooked in butter rather than olive oil. This was a little disappointing but the service, the plating and the taste made up for this little disappointment. When the food arrived it was plated in a manner that was more than generous. Usually places that spend too much time and energy on the look and feel, miss out on the food, but Pan surpassed what was expected in a pleasing manner. It was a nice way to end a lovely Saturday. 

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