Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pure Genius

Last night Mr.T and I attended the new Robert Carson production of the Dialogues des Carmelites at the COC. Mr.Z was unable to come and Mr.T decided he did not want me to be myself. It was an amazing production. Carson, a master of minimalism proved he is also a master of theatre. Using a giant square box that was created with screens that descended from the ceiling he was able to create stunning visual effects. This was augmented with his mastery of light and tone. Because his colour palette is so limited when he does use light as colour it is stunning creating a visual style that is unique. He knows how to use bodies and light to define space and form. We arrived to find nun's habits laid out on the stage as if in prayer. Then the entire hall went black including the orchestra for a dramatic beginning to the night. 

A 20th-century rumination on death, faith and fear the music is melodic but without any operatic arias. It is filled with haunting music that captures the emotional intensity of the narrative, something that 20th-century film scores have learned to follow. Because it is an ensemble piece there were no real stellar singers, at times some of the weaker voices were drowned by the powerful orchestra, but the real star of the evening was the production itself. Carson was a master of design, stage movement, styling, costuming and lighting. Everything came together to create powerful imagery that made it a wonderful experience. 

Spoiler Alert: Do not watch the video if you do not want to see the ending. If you want to enjoy it, watch, below:

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