Sunday, May 26, 2013

Too Precious

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but it was cold in the shade and warm in the sun. The temperature sapped us of any strength to do too much, but we managed to prepare our front planter for flowers and plants. 

In the evening Mr.Z came over and we drove over to College Street to check out a fish place, Redfish, that Mr.T and I had spotted on one of our walks. Located on a corner it has a patio that faces west which meant some much needed warm sun. Inside are a collection of well dressed tables with napkins and tables. At the back, a small bar and a kitchen. It features a simple menu printed on card focused on sustainable fish. There were a selection of appetizers, small dishes and mains. There was obviously a great deal of attention to the styling of the restaurant and the menu (although not the patio) which was reflected in the prices. 

We ordered a selection of dishes curious about the quality and quantity of the food given the price. First to arrive was a petite plate of sourdough bread, that was freshly baked. Kudos to the chef for making his own bread. But while the bread was tasty it did not have a great crumb. It had not achieved that magical leavened quality one expects from homemade bread. This meant that the original loaf was tiny resulting in tiny bite sized slices that did not bode well for the rest of the meal. The bread serving helps stage the meal. It sets the tone for what follows and with Redfish the valiant although meagre portion of poorly leavened bread was indeed an indication of what followed. The plating that followed was precious and overpriced, like one finds in too many Toronto restaurants. It is almost as if they believe they can overcharge for small delicate portions that are presented in a precious manner. It is laudable that the owners of Redfish want to encourage the use of sustainable fish, but the precious servings left us wanting more. We have so much to learn from European bistros and tavernas which can serve quality food and ingredients in a manner that is relaxed, comfortable and priced accordingly. 

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