Monday, May 06, 2013

Yeah! Sunny Days

Yesterday was another beautiful day so after getting an early start Mr.T and I decided to head over to Dufferin Mall in search of some large household plants. With a new mudroom that has lots of light we need some plants in there to bring a little green into the house. So far we have tried some potted palms which the cat has proceeded to eat, so we need something with leaves that are far less appealing for him to shred. Years ago I had some beautiful large cacti in my bachelor pad, but we haven't found anywhere for sale. Mr.T wants a ficus which would be nice, but I have never had any luck with them. 

Yesterday also saw another marathon in downtown Toronto. It seems like every other weekend there is some kind of marathon going on in the city, closing down streets and creating traffic nightmares (along with all the summer construction). Wouldn't it be nice if all the marathons and all the charities could come together in one big marathon that shut the Gardiner and DVP down at the same time only for one weekend? It could become the Toronto marathon and could be placed on a schedule to fit in with all the other major marathons around the globe. 
Today I decided to go for a long bike ride out to Cherry Beach but was waylaid by the construction that is currently pulling apart all of the harbour front. It is like a war zone down there with entire sections of streets closed off and pulled apart. This combined with all the construction along the Don for the Pan Am Games makes the area biked unfriendly, but it was too nice a day not to go for a long ride. 

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