Friday, June 28, 2013

A Giant, Gay, Traveling Pride Circus

Today after yoga while wishing everyone a Happy Pride, one of the guys suggested that Pride had outgrown its use as a Toronto-based celebration. He felt Toronto didn't need Pride anymore. Instead, he suggested that Pride, needed to be reorganized as a big gay, festive traveling circus bringing Pride to small towns across the land. It is a fun idea. Can you imagine a traveling Pride parade giving hope to all those youngsters out there living away from urban centres, feeling alone and lost. There is no doubt that Pride has changed. Just like the community from which it sprang, Pride has grown and changed over the years. In Toronto, the gay ghetto has become a gentrified place that few in the GLBT community can afford, and with political and social acceptance and assimilation the community has spread out across the city. This was after all the goal of events like Pride to celebrate our diversity, while also letting the world know who we are. 

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