Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Sunny, Bike Day

Photo: Out biking along the waterfront trail
Finally, a sunny, warm, summer-like day. So I decided to bike down to the Lakeshore Trail to see where it ended. I had read that the trail had been extended, but sadly, found out it still ends on the western side of a condo development in Mimico. Once it ends you are ejected back onto Lakeshore Boulevard, not the most friendly of bike streets. It was however, a nice bike ride heading west, coming back I biked into an easterly that was trying to keep me from biking back home. On the way back I discovered that the entire downtown section of the bike trail that runs along Queen's Quay has been completely pulled up. Thankfully, the powers that be, created designated detours for cyclists that run alongside Lakeshore Boulevard as it snakes under the Gardiner. It is not the nicest path, but at least there was one. 

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