Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching Up

Ms.S arrived on Sunday night for her annual Toronto trip, to catch up with friends, old and new. We waited up for her so we could get her settled in and then all went to bed. On Monday we wandered around Kensington, one of her favourite haunts, then met up with Ms.H and Mr.T for dinner. Having coffee earlier in the day we had thought it would be nice to have dinner at Torito's a Spanish tapas place located on Augusta. I have always wanted to go, but everytime we have tried it was closed, but we decided to head over dinner. Alas, it was closed yet again, even though the Yelp site said they were open, teaching us not to trust all information on websites. We were all hungry so Mr.T and I suggested Perla on College and so we all walked over, only to find them also sadly closed. At this point Ms.H suggested a Pho place on Ossington and so we took a cab over to Ossington and Queen finding the place called the Golden Turtle which offered not only a great Vietnamese selection and Pho but also a really nice patio. It was great to catch up over dinner with Ms.H and Ms.S and after dinner Mr.T and I walked home while Ms.H and Ms.S headed out for an evening on the town. 

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