Monday, June 17, 2013

Friends, Food and Fairs

We have been experiencing more of that crazy one day warm and sunny, then three days of rain, making us appreciate those sunny days. Because Saturday promised to by a sunny day, after our foray to Kensington Mr.T and I joined a neighbour for a small yard sale. It was all impromptu so we just collected a bunch of things we weren't using and sat outside to sell them. Sadly, Mr.T wasn't really into hocking our wares so we only did it for a couple of hours but did well getting rid of a pile of unused stuff. We then walked down to the Taste of Italy Festival running all weekend on College Street, soaking up the fun atmosphere of a summer street fair. For dinner we biked over to Rashnaa where we met up with Mr.J, Mrs.R and baby Bella. There are back from the west for another summer in TO and it was nice to catch up. After dinner we walked them home and spent the evening playing hide and seek with Bella. 

Yesterday after a morning of rain we went for walk downtown and then waited for the arrival of Ms.S from Philly. She arrived last night for a week of visiting all of her Canadian friends. 

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