Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy SuperPride!

Although the weather folks were promising rain yesterday it never actually arrived. After our Saturday morning foray to Kensington Mr.T and I made our way over to Church Street to check out the Pride festivities. We met up with Mr.D and Mr.Z to explore all the booths, and of course to people watch. There is something so nice about summer fairs and festivals, there is an energy of fun that is great to soak up. While it is true that the festivities have changed, have become more commercial and more touristy, there is something still about a giant street fair that I still love. After exploring the streets we sat down for some drinks and snacks at Cafe California where we could watch the crowds. After we made our to more of the booths and saw friends from yoga and Mr.H and Mr.R who was decked out in one of his homemade costumes as Aquaman. This year's theme is SuperQueer and we saw lots of costumes, capes and outfits, including a Batgirl, a really tall Batman and the Joker. In the afternoon, the sun finally broke through the clouds shining on the girls as they made their way down Yonge Street while raising the temperature and humidity. We made our way home for a quiet evening opting for some take out burritos for dinner. 

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