Monday, June 24, 2013


Yesterday was a warm, sunny and humid day. Mr.T and I decided to go for a walk and ended up down at Harbourfront again, this time walking east to Sugar Beach to check out the remaining tall ships. Because the area is so newly developed the landscaping hasn't had time to provide much shade yet and the sun, humidity and the walk tired us out so we decided to catch a leisurely streetcar back home. Cooling down inside I watched an old film on AMC, called Palm Springs Weekend that featured not only Connie Stevens, Ty Hardin, Troy Donahoe, Stephanie Powers and a really handsome Robert Conrad. It was not a great film, but filmed on location which made it one of those ensemble pieces that allowed you to see Palm Springs a la 1960s. 

For dinner we met Ms.S and Ms.K at Sushi Bon on College Street. Located on the south side of the street in the western part of Little Italy the place has a nice sized patio, without any umbrellas. We opted to sit inside because the sun was till beating down hard, and without any cover it would have been too hot. Inside the place is small, feeling smaller than it is because of a painted black ceiling and wall paneling that reaches halfway up the wall also painted black. It really could do with a makeover to lighten the place giving it some much needed life. We had a young waitress who seemed clueless about what she was doing and as the place quickly filled the service became more erratic and confused. Everything is available on brown/purple rice and I opted for a bowl of chirashi that after the long wait proved really disappointing. It was plated in a really small box and showed little thought to presentation and sadly, flavour. Everything tasted bland. As the place filled up it became increasingly noisy and too hot for enjoyment, making it a less than pleasant dining experience. 

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