Monday, June 24, 2013

On My Nightstand

Just finished Illah Reza Nourbakhsh's, Robot Futures (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2013). It is a small, short book featuring a collection of future scenarios involving robots that allow Nourbakhsh to discuss various issues about robots. It is an easy and fast read but leaves one wanting more in depth discussion of the issues raised. 

Before that I ran through Bee Wilson's, Consider the Fork: a history of how we cook and eat (New York: Basic Books, 2012). The book looks at an assortment of kitchen implements as a way of discussing how they developed historically and what they say about the cultures that used them. Wilson is a lucid and clear writer making each chapter enjoyable, fun and filled with lots of information about cooking and how we cook. 

I tried to read Robert M. Neer's, Napalm: An American Biography (Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2013) but it is one of those institutional type histories that was weighed down by his subject. It became a succession of names, acronyms and people that was tedious and dull. 

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