Thursday, June 13, 2013

Something is Rotten in the state of...

So the televnovella that is the Ford administration in the city of Toronto gets stranger. This morning the Toronto police launched an all out attack on the drugs and gangs in the very area where Mayor Ford was filmed in a video showing him using crack. The timing is peculiar. News of the video is released weeks ago, Ford lays low, then they come out swinging stating there is no video and we learn one of the people in the video turned up dead. The Mayor tries to go back to work as usual, and then the Toronto Police launch a raid of properties including the one in the video. One has to ask, what is going on? Are the police working to help a Ford cover-up? Is this a way of finding the video, or throwing those who know about it into the system, so they can disappear? Or is this someone working against the Fords trying to find evidence. It gets stranger every day. 

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