Sunday, June 09, 2013

Where are you Summer?

It has been a quiet grey, cold weekend. The weather more January than June, Vancouver's Junuary, continues to be very un-summer like. Yesterday after our foray to the market Mr.T and I went for a long walk up Avenue Road to St. Clair and then back down Bathurst. I had spent Friday afternoon baking a double layered chocolate beet cake with a chocolate ganache filling for Mr.T's birthday which was on Saturday. He wanted to have a quiet day, but in the end was a little disappointed that no one remembered it was his birthday. I tried to explain that in this day of social networking everyone relies on social sites to remind them of such things, but he would have none of it. For dinner we walked down to College Street making our to Utopia. Every time we eat there I remember why we don't eat there, the idea of the place is always sadly better than the execution. We both found the food over salted and greasy, one step above bar food, but it was what he wanted. We arrived early enough to avoid the trendy Saturday evening crowd but were underwhelmed by the food. Making our way home we settled into a quiet night in front of the tv. 

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