Saturday, June 08, 2013

Where, oh where is my data?

Last week I discovered that Flickr was giving all users 1TB of storage on their site. Of late I have been having all sorts of bizarre problems with my MacBook, forcing me to search out backup options. I use the Macbook more often than I should and probably overuse it as my primary computing device. I have been able to store most of my documents on Google Drive and some on iCloud, but backing up iTunes and iPhoto is more of a problem. So reading about Flickr was great. In the past I used Facebook albums to store a lot of photos, but was never really happy with how it operated. Flickr has a better platform and more options making it a better choice, but it takes times. 

It is funny how computing changes us and how it changes over time. In the beginning it was difficult to collect information, then it became an issue of storage, now we are returning to the web as the primary site of information and storage. In a way the constant access to information and the availability of different forms of information every day means that we don't need to cache it and store it, everything becomes accessible with a finger click in that Star Trek way. 

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