Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summer Loving

Yesterday was another of those warm, sunny, humid days trapped between seemingly endless days of rain. This morning we awoke again to more rain. After our Saturday morning foray to Kensington for dry goods Mr.D and Mr.Z called to invite us on a road trip to St.Jacob's. It was the perfect day for a nice drive into the country, enjoying the company of friends. It has been some time since we have been to St.Jacob's and the economic down turn has affected the area. A whole slew of shops disappeared from the silos and the building across the way beside the parking lot and the shops that remain cater to food, clothing and high items that do not always relate to St.Jacob's. One shop had a lot of Paris-themed items and Umbra inspired tchatchkes. 

After exploring the town we made our way to Burlington for dinner at Walker's Fish Market in Burlington. The place had a nice patio, that faced a car dealership and a main road, but we were not going to miss out on that wonderful sun. We had the patio to ourselves as everyone else opted for the coolness of the air conditioned space inside, but the place, which is a cross between a fine restaurant and a bar/nightclub always felt a little too precious for me. It felt better eating outside in a more relaxed environment. As always the food was delicious making me wish we had a similar restaurant closer to home. 

Mr.D and Mr.Z dropped us off at home where we settled into a quiet evening watching John Huston's Key Largo on TMC. The perfect way to end a lovely summer day. 

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