Monday, July 01, 2013

The Festivities Continues

The sun continued for SuperQueer Pride Sunday. Hanging out at home in the morning Mr.T made some yummy cinnamon buns for breakfast using the recipe I found on Friday night. Then we walked over to Church Street, running into Mr.R at ManuLife. The three of us spent the afternoon walking the streets, while people watching. It was nice to catch up, reminiscing about times gone by. We spotted the guy above sporting a glitzy & shiny harness and trunks that were really sexy and unique. For lunch Mr.T picked up a yummy fish taco and a really good fried plantain. Later we saw Mr.S, Mr.D and Mr.Z and continued exploring the streets and booths, but as the day wore on we became more tired and decided to head home. For dinner I made some salmon burgers and BBQd sweet potato rounds for a relaxing evening at home. 
via DailyXtra

Photo: Xtra's team took to the streets of Toronto for the 2013 Pride parade, the dress rehearsal for WorldPride 2014 when Canada's largest city welcomes gays from all over the globe. 

Check out photographer Adam Coish's photos from the parade and the gay revelry in the streets. Follow the link below.

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