Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Beautiful Drive

Yesterday I picked up a rental car early in the morning so I could head of to London for a day trip. It was a bright, beautiful and although cool day the perfect weather for a drive made all the better after I discovered the rental car had Sirius radio. Years ago Mr.T and I discovered the joys of Sirius when we rented another car. On a long trip we found Seth Rudetsky on the Broadway station and enjoyed listening to him and his take on Broadway. Discovering Sirius and the Broadway station again was a pleasure making the drive there and back much more enjoyable. 

The reason for the trip was to help Mom with some banking. As she ages certain tasks are becoming more difficult for her and we drove from bank to bank to ensure all her banking needs were being met. We then stopped for lunch at Archie's, where I was the youngest person there because it was Senior's Day. After lunch we drove out to the cemetery so we could visit with my father, before I hit the road for the drive back to Toronto. Although a short visit we accomplished everything that was needed and I had the pleasure of hearing Seth Rudetsky again. 

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