Monday, October 05, 2015

A Cool Sunday

Yesterday was another cool, bright sunny day. After some more fall cleanup in the backyard Mr.T and I waited around to go check out an open house at 2:00. The place is located on Dupont Street in a small condo that features multi-floor vertical townhouses. Although located outside of our preferred area the building has wonderful light and a great rooftop deck. There were two units having open houses with a $ 20,000.00 difference in price. We had a look at both and found we liked the more inexpensive unit better than the pricer unit. The only drawbacks beside being outside our preferred location were the four stories of stairs between floors. 

After looking at the units we walked east along Dupont to Bay Street, stopping in a Whole Foods for a really yummy afternoon snack at their prepared food counter. They had a nice selection of fall inspired dishes including a vegan quinoa crusted cranberry stuffed loaf and vegan chocolate mousse. We then walked over to Canadian Tire to look at coffee grinders and hand blenders. 

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