Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Saturday Walk

Yesterday was the first really cool day we had this fall. After shopping for our dry goods in Kensington Mr. T and I went for a walk along Harbord Street. It was bright and sunny but really cold. Along the way we spotted signs for an open house at a new townhouse development on Harbord at Grace. We had seen the small development of six townhouses going up and were curious about the layout and interiors. Like a lot of townhouses there are lots of stairs. The place is European in style with light wood floors and clean, modern aesthetic. The open house was in the most eastern unit featuring wonderful views of the downtown skyline. We were informed that of the six units the two end units were sold leaving four left for sale for well over a million dollars. 

After looking at the townhomes we walked north to Bloor for some donuts from Apiecalypse Now. Sadly, there donuts were not ready so we walked west to Bloomer's to try one of theirs. Bloomer's located just east of Ossington on the south side of the street was filled with lots of young vegan trendy types. They had a display case filled with their dessert options and we waited patiently for someone to serve us. Sadly, it took the staff who were sitting at the counter a while to recognize we were customers. We ordered one pecan donut and were disappointed to find it was really sweet and sugary. Walking back to Apiecalypse we were delighted to be treated again like customers by friendly staff that welcomed us into the store. We ordered one of their chocolate almond donuts finding it more enjoyable and delicious than the one we had just eaten from Bloomer's. Apiecalypse donuts are like the donuts I knew as a kid from a donut shop located in the old market in London. Unlike the sugary, sweet confections that pass for donuts in Tim Horton's and other donut places, the donuts I had as a child were doughy and never sickly sweet. Kudos to Apiecalpyse for their yummy treats, for serving vegan pizza by the slice for having vegan corn dogs that I need to try. 

Walking home we hid away from the cold for the rest of the day while Mr.T made pizza for dinner. The perfect food for a cool, autumn day. 

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