Saturday, October 03, 2015

Fall Cleanup

Today the full fury of fall descended on Toronto. We woke to a crisp, cool morning. After pulling out fall jackets and clothes we made our way to Kensington to pick up our dry goods for the week. At home we decided to clean out the shed in order to begin packing it up for the winter. This meant pulling up most of the garden and clearing a spot for the fall planting of the garlic we picked up a couple of weeks ago at the garlic festival. Hopefully this year we will have a nice spring crop of garlic. 

We also drained the fountain, put away the deck umbrellas and bagged up some of the cushions from our deck. At the same time Mr.T took the opportunity to store a lot of the herbs he had been drying in the shed. We have lots of dried parsley, oregano and rosemary. Because we spent so much of the day at home we decided we needed to go for a little walk for dinner. Of course by the time we were ready to head out it began raining.

We walked through Kensington to Spadina, settling on A Taste of Seafood a really Chinese place that serves an assortment of delicious dishes. We had eaten there before and were impressed with the quality of the food. The place has received a lot of positive reviews especially from chefs who like to eat there after cooking in their own restaurants. While the service is not that attentive the food is always straight-forward and delicious. Tonight I opted for the deep-fried salt and pepper shrimp, a dish I loved when I lived in China, while Mr.T had their sizzling ginger beef. It was the perfect warm food for a cold, wet night. 

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