Friday, November 06, 2015

A Cool, Wet Day

Today was a cooler, wetter day than we have experienced the past week. After yoga in the morning I met up with Mr.T and we decided it was the perfect day for a film. It has been ages since we have been to the movies, primarily because there has been little we want to see. Today saw the release of the new Bond film, Spectre

The last in the Daniel Craig franchise the film picked up where Skyfall left off. Bond is on the trail of a group of individuals who together form the organization Spectre. Revived from the previous franchise the cartoony group of criminals has become a more polished business type group. The opening while less dramatic than Skyfall, which I loved, heralded a return to the formula of Bond films prior to the Craig relaunch. There was even a return to the age old Bond theme and the styling of the titles in the older films. The theme song and the visuals accompanying it while old school in style were really beautiful and stylish. 

The story weaves together all the films of this franchise while tying the new films back to the original stories from the older films. It has everything expected from a Bond film, but I found the cloak and dagger view of Spectre a little simple and cartoony in how it was presented. It would have been nice to see this organization somehow updated and tied to issues that are more current, instead some of the tongue in cheek, two dimensional ideas that became part of some of the older films. I liked how the villains in Quantum and Casino had more sophisticated agendas and disliked the more two-dimensional agenda of Silva and the villain in this film. The director could have played with a whole host of institutions, imagine if capitalism were indicted, instead of just showing a nefarious shadowy group. In the end it was almost as if the director wanted to bring the franchise full circle back to its older roots marrying together some of the sense of humour and plot elements from previous incarnations into the new gritty world of Craig's Bond. 

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