Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Day at the Archives

Usually I spend my Thursdays volunteering at a local men's clinic, but I decided to take a break for the next couple of weeks because I found myself short-tempered while helping out. I think it is good to take a break from our routines every once and awhile and to sit back and reassess why we do what we do. So, today instead of hanging out at home or going out shopping I decided to head up to the City of Toronto Archives to continue a project I began ages ago. I have been working through the Assessment records for the area around our home because they offer a wealth of information about previous tenants and owners. While it can be tiring scrolling through microfilm hunting for the records I am interested in, once you come across the appropriate listing it is almost as if the individuals come alive reading about who they were and what they did. After all this is what I trained to do for so long as an historian. 

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