Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Saturday Walk

Today after our trip to Kensington Market for dry goods Mr.T and I decided to go for a little walk. We began on Harbord heading west then north through the residential neighbourhoods leading up to Dupont Street. From there we walked north to Davenport discovering that a hydro corridor ran along Davenport Street and the train tracks that cuts across the city at an angle. West of Lansdowne we found a number of disconnected little parks built under the hydro lines. Following these parks as we walked northwest it occurred to us how nice it would be if these disconnected green spaces could be connected together as one long park which could also host a bike lane allowing bikers and walkers to cross the city quickly. 

Near Symington the parks and trails ended as the train and hydro lines turned north. We continued west to Old Weston Road, then north to St.Clair ending up at the Stockyards in the Junction. Because it had been a long, cool walk we settled on some french fries and free salted peanuts at Five Guys before hoping on a bus to head home. While a cool windy November day it was perfect for a nice long walk. 

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