Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Sunday Walk

Today was another bright, beautiful, sunny while cool November day. After raking up piles of leaves in both the back and front Mr.T and I decided to go for a walk heading northeast to avoid the Santa Claus Parade. The parade runs just north of our neighbourhood and while on everything in the area becomes a little crazy. Walking north on Spadina we then went east following the hydro corridor as it ran along the train tacks. Sadly, while the area has seen a lot of development with condos and new buildings, the hydro corridor is just that a paved over section without any real redeeming characteristics. It would be nice if a city councillor came forth offering to make the hydro corridor a park running through the city, sporting bike paths, walking trails and lots of green space for residents and their pets. 

At the intersection of Davenport and Dupont we walked north through another posh residential area that came out unto Avenue Road. We then walked a little north then east ending up on Yonge Street. We found ourselves hungry and found a little bagel shop, The Bagel House that offered a nice selection of bagels for a light snack. While there Mr.Z texted wondering what we were up to for the day. We invited him out for a walk and met him near the entrance to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Together the three of us walked around the cemetery exploring both the western and eastern sections that are divided by Mount Pleasant Road. It was a nice way to spend a nice afternoon exploring the beautiful grounds of the cemetery. 

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