Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Blustery Day

For the first day in a long time the temperatures dropped below zero, there were even a few snow flurries in the air. After picking up our dry goods in Kensington Market Mr.T and I went for a walk along Bloor Street for some holiday cards and to Indigo so I could pick up a book for my Mom. Being the last weekend before Christmas the stores were packed with shoppers filled with that crazy last minute Christmas energy that can be disconcerting. We then cut our walk short because of the cold and headed back home to bask in the warmth of the house. 

For dinner we met up with Mr.D, Mr.Z and Mr.Z at Arisu, a Korean place on Bloor just west of Honest Ed's that has a really extensive Korean and Japanese menu. We have been to the place a few times and are always impressed with the quality of the food. Because the menu is so big there is always something there for everyone and last night was no exception with everyone enjoying the food and the atmosphere. We had one of the Japanese styled booths that gives you a sense of privacy. It was nice to catch up with friends over good food. 

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