Sunday, December 06, 2015

A Foggy Saturday

Yesterday began as a cool, foggy day. After our trip to Kensington Market, Mr.T and I walked over to the City of Toronto Archives on Spadina just north of Dupont. Mr.T was curious about the process of finding records, so we spent some time searching through the assessments and the City Directories for listings of the house he grew up in as a child. While the search can at times be really frustrating and slow, when you finally come across the listing there is a feeling of accomplishment. After we walked along Dupont to Christie, we then walked south to Christie and Bloor stopping for lunch at Apiecaplyse. 

We then walked home to enjoy some of the yummy donuts we picked up after lunch. Later we decided to watch Inside/Out on iTunes. An animated film from Disney and Pixar it is a really smart and funny look at how we process emotions and memories. While watching the film, Mr.J called asking to park their car in the back and after opening the gate and parking the car we returned to the film and a quiet night at home. 

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