Monday, December 21, 2015

Another Whirlwind Trip

Yesterday I picked up a rental car for another whirlwind trip to London. Gratefully the car again had Sirius and it was a clear beautiful day making it an easier drive. As everyone knows the holidays mean reconnecting with family. This year Mom was unable to book us into the Mandarin for our holiday dinner, so this year instead she opted for another Chinese buffet on Dundas Street East, King's Buffet. 

The place is located just east of Highbury Avenue on the south side of Dundas Street in what used to be a Ponderosa when I was kid. I know it was our go to restaurant for birthdays because the cowboy themed experience made for an enjoyable meal for young children. The place is a stand alone building surrounded by a parking lot on three sides. Inside you enter into the bar which then has the buffet in the centre of the restaurant. Around both sides are a selection of tables with some banquette seats and some chairs. Inside the atmosphere is dark with little light from outside and much smaller than the Mandarin. The buffet selection was also smaller, but I was glad to find some really yummy green beans, mushrooms and onions and some grilled basa. 

After lunch I dropped off Mom at home and made my way back to Toronto, grateful a family dinner is over for another year and for On Broadway giving me a pleasant drive home. 

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