Friday, December 11, 2015

This Week in Review

It's been a rough week. On Monday I had to see the dentist for the beginning of my latest root canal. The process involves first drilling into the abscessed tooth to drain the abscess, leaving this for awhile and then returning to fill the tooth and cap it with a crown. While the work for the root canal is covered by disability, the crown is considered cosmetic and therefore not covered. Every time I think I am finally getting a little ahead of my finances another problem like this arises forcing me to put the work on my credit card, pushing me further into debt. The visit this week with the dentist did not involve my regular dentist, he no longer does root canals, but instead one of his younger colleagues. The process was less than pleasant and I found it not only painful during but also after. I return after the holidays for the final procedures to close up the tooth. 

This week, I also returned to my volunteer duties this week after a three week absence. The last time I was there I found myself getting too frustrated by the place and found I was carrying this negative energy with me all day. Not something anyone wants from volunteering. The break helped a little, but I still found myself yesterday feeling exhausted after spending the day at the clinic. There will be one more volunteer day next week before another two week break over the holidays so by then I hope I feel a little more energized.

On the book front, Ms.R and I were able to chat with the publisher about the timeline. He needed a copy of the completed manuscript in pdf format so I spent this afternoon pulling together all the essays and the two graphic pieces. Looking at the manuscript as a completed document it reads nicely as a collection and I am excited about finally seeing it in print. We are looking at late Spring, early Summer publication date, just in time for Gay Pride in June 2016. 

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