Sunday, January 03, 2016

Another Sunday Quest

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a pair of convertible cotton pants by Columbia in Winner's and found I really liked them. Sadly, they were size 40something and way too big. Finding pants that fit has become a real hassle, given that all pants are now slim leg or low rise in style, making it impossible for me to find something that has a comfortable fit. Ever since finding pants that actually fit I have been on a quest looking for another pair of pants. The stock at Winner's are usually close outs and while looking online I discovered the style I found is no longer made by Columbia so I have been searching high and low for another pair anywhere I can. While looking online I discovered that Bass Pro a big American hunting and fishing retailer had a pair and I was curious to see how they would fit. 

So today Mr.T and I decided to head up to the only Toronto location for the store at Vaughan Mills Centre. Getting there was a bit of a challenge and an adventure, but as we had nothing else planned for the day it was the perfect way to spend a dreary, grey Sunday. From downtown we caught the subway to Yonge Street changing to the north line finally exiting at the end of the line at Finch Station. Once there we had to wait for a Viva York Region bus that would take us to Vaughan Mills. While waiting we purchased a Presto card and loaded it up for the trip. The process involves a one time payment for the card and then loading the card with how ever much money you think you would use. We opted for the minimum $ 10.00 and then caught the bus. The trip takes you north along Yonge Street, stopping at every light then catches the 407 west to Keele, then north on Keele to Vaughan Mills. It is a long trip but when we arrived the bus terminal was right beside the mall allowing us to walk right into the Mall. 

We walked from one end to the other and we delighted to find that the pants offered by Pro Bass were a great fit for a really great price. They didn't have my exact size or colour but I was able to leave them my name and number for a new shipment coming in, hopefully in a couple of weeks. While it will mean another trip to the store it was nice to finally find what I have been looking for, for the past couple of weeks. 

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