Saturday, January 09, 2016

Reviewing the Situation

On Thursday this week I returned to the place where I volunteer for the first shift of the new year. Over the holidays we had a break of a couple of weeks as the clinic was closed. The break gave me to time to think about whether or not I wanted to continue volunteering at the clinic. I found the place ten years ago after coming out of the hospital. The place allowed me to get out on a weekly basis and to integrate myself back into the world. At the same time it also allowed me contact with people outside of my regular circle of friends. In the end I decided to play it by ear, because I do enjoy the social aspect and to try and let the things that frustrate me just roll off my back. 

After the clinic this week I received a phone call from Pro Bass at Vaughan Mills letting me know that the pants I requested finally came in. On Friday after yoga I made my way up to the store again, this time having to catch 2 buses from the end of the subway line. After 3 hours of travel there and back I finally have a pair of new pants that fit comfortably and nicely.

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