Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Frigid Sunday

While it remained bright, beautiful and sunny outside it was still far too cold to wander out for a weekend walk. Yesterday's -25˚ rose to less bone chilling -10˚ so Mr.T and I debated about heading out to a film instead of hiding out at home. Before we made our way out Mr.Z called inviting us out to the Home Show out at the International Centre near the airport. While the Home Show was not as exciting or as large as the ones that are held downtown at the Exhibition it was nice to walk around inside somewhere warm looking at all the possibilities for homes. 

After wandering around the cavernous space of the International Centre we drove farther west and north to the closest Cineplex so we could catch the premiere of Deadpool. The theatre was packed and I found myself engrossed in this thoroughly enjoyable film. Most of the time I find myself enjoying parts of the rash of Superhero films that Hollywood loves these days, but today I found myself amused in ways I haven't experienced for quite some time. The narrative and structure of the film which is disjointed, mirrors the overall humour and fun that is part of the character of Deadpool. Throughout the film the character who is irreverent and funny, breaks the fourth wall allowing the audience not only into his world, but he also lets us know he is of ours. He exists at once as a character in the larger Marvel universe, which he milks throughout with satire and fun comments, but also as part of our experience of the film itself. This kind of self-awareness, indeed post-modern experience of the film, made the whole thing a satire of the medium itself. It was at once funny and a really enjoyable film. 

It was lovely way to reconnect with Mr.D and Mr.Z and after heading downtown Mr.T and I needing dinner wandered along Bloor Street for a place to eat. Sushi on Bloor was as usual too busy so we opted instead for Big Sushi on the north side of the street just east of Brunswick. Located in a long narrow place it has an odd physical arrangement. In front facing the windows looking out on Bloor Street are a few tables. Then along the western wall are small two people booths which sit across from the kitchen which runs along the eastern wall. In the back past the kitchen and these tables is another square dining room featuring booths on both walls and a few tables and booths down the centre. The layout is odd and makes you wonder why it was laid out in such a manner. Once we read the menu I realized why we had never tried it before. Too often Toronto sushi places drench their poor quality sushi in mayonnaise compensating for a lack of flavour. In such places I usually opt for a bento box, but even this was odd. The salmon was overcooked and dry and the tempura which is hard to mess up, tasted stale and like the batter had sat out far too long. 

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