Monday, February 29, 2016

A Nice Weekend

This weekend Toronto's yo-yo weather continued. On Saturday we had a bright, beautiful but really windy day, while yesterday was bright, beautiful, sunny and almost springlike with a balmy +8. On Saturday after our weekly foray to Kensington for dry goods, Mr.T and I went for a walk down Spadina to Harbourfront, feeling the full force of the winds. The lake driven by the wind saw really choppy, wild waves. Feeling the cold we ducked into The Pearl for some dim sum to warm us up. Perched above the lake the place was busy and the dim sum as always really yummy. 

On Sunday because it was so beautiful we decided to go for a walk to the Stockyards. Making our way up Bathurst to Dupont we then walked north on Christie discovering a nice little park under the hydro lines as they snake through the city making their way downtown. I have written before how the lands under the hydro lines, which run alongside the train tracks, are sadly under utilized. Walking under the hydro lines we discovered sections of parkland that were not always connected. It would be nice to see a master plan connecting them all together creating another trail for bikes and pedestrians to make their way downtown or like us for walking northwest to the Junction. 

While out for our walk, Mr.D called inviting us over for dinner. After making our way home we then caught the subway over to their place for a lovely evening with friends. For dinner, Mr.Z made a salmon wellington, sans cream sauce, with leeks, spinach and mushrooms that was really delicious. It is one of those recipes I want to try myself. For dessert we had a selection of vegan donuts Mr.T and I picked up at Apiecalypse while playing a word game that Mr.Z and Mr.D had discovered. It was a really nice way to round out a quiet weekend. 

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