Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Saturday Walk

After being in the deep freeze all last week it was a pleasant surprise to awake this morning to a beautiful, bright, sunny, warm Saturday. From last week's -25 today the temperature rose to a warm +9, making being outside much more fun and bearable. After our Saturday morning trip to Kensington for our dry goods Mr.T and I went for our usual walk down to Spadina and King Street. Because it was nice we decided to head over to the Beach to check out the Beach Sculpture cum Huts that had been constructed by assorted artists and architects. There were five huts showcasing a diversity of styles and building techniques, although two featured a Japanese technique shou sugi ban to treat the wood. 

We really liked the fire pit which featured a wrap around screen of the charred wood, Japanese style and another designed out of pieces of wood which looked like jacks from the childhood game but which were meant to suggest snow crystals. It is always exciting to see how creative people can be with such temporary structures. 

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