Saturday, February 06, 2016


It has been a relatively warm January week without any typical January weather. This morning after picking up our dry goods in Kensington Market Mr.T and I made our way via the subway to IKEA. After arriving back on Monday night Mr.T discovered that the pullout drawer on his PAX dresser broke, so our trip today was to find a replacement drawer for his dresser. Because it was such a nice day the place was not surprisingly packed. We found the PAX section and were able to find the part we wanted, the replacement is more solid than the one he had, but were informed that they no longer keep parts for the PAX units on site. Instead we would need to drive to another location to pick one up. The only other option was for us to order the drawer and have it delivered resulting in a $ 59.00 delivery charge. In the end we came home empty handed a little disappointed about not being to fix the problem. 
For dinner we opted to dine locally, heading up to Sushi on Bloor for a nice, simple sushi dinner. Since moving to their new location just a little west of their previous place the restaurant is always packed and even though we arrived for an early dinner it was still packed. We had to wait a short while for seats but were glad to have a nice simple dinner close to home. 

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