Friday, March 25, 2016

A Cold Holiday Friday

Today we awoke to another cool day. While the croci and daffodils are peaking up above a sheet of icy rain that blankets the ground outside it was too cold to really do too much. We spent the morning lounging around at home. After lunch we decided to go out for a little walk to Spadina to pick up some green onion pancakes and dried onions. We were surprised to discover that Kensington was open so we decided to pick up some of our dry goods so we can skip Kensington tomorrow. 

After heading home, Mr.T went out to see a Good Friday Procession that was making it way through the streets of downtown Toronto. When he came home we decided to head to Sakura for a nice AYCE dinner. We discovered before that the trick is to stay away from most of their sushi, which really isn't that good, and stick to the cooked food, or tataki like dishes. 

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